28th US Army War College Strategy Conference.

The Changing Character of War?

While the nature of war is enduring, its character depends on the context within which wars occur. Contemporary politics, technology, societal norms, and military objectives and strategies directly influence the character of war. This year's strategy conference will examine political, technological, and social trends of the emerging operating environment and consider the implications of these trends for the character of war, U.S. security policies and strategies, and the future of our Army.

The U.S. Army War College's Annual Strategy Conference for 2017 will take place on 26-27 April 2017. The full conference will available via real-time broadcast on the internet to ensure the broadest access for military, government, and public audiences. This virtual audience will have the opportunity to interact (Q&A) with speakers and panelists in real-time via e-mail and twitter. The USAWC resident class and invited guests will comprise the on-site audience.

Day 1 - Wednesday, April 26, 2017
0815-0845   Conference Opening: Major General William E. Rapp, Commandant U.S. Army War College
0845-0945   Keynote: The Changing Character of War
Opening Address: Sir Hew Strachan, Professor of International Relations, University of St Andrews
1000-1130   Panel #1: Technology
Panel Chair: Professor Howard C. Taylor, National Security Agency Visiting Professor, U.S. Army War College
1300-1400   Keynote: The Changing Character of War
Military Address: General Joseph F. Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Day 2 - Thursday, April 27, 2017
0830-1015   Panel #2: International Perspectives
Panel Chair: Colonel Rory A. Crooks, Director, International Fellows Program, U.S. Army War College
1000-1130   Panel #3: Social Change

Panel Chair: Dr. Steven K. Metz, Director of Research, U.S. Army War College

1300-1430   Panel 4: Strategy and Policy Implications

Panel Chair: Dr. Antulio (Tony) J. Echevarria, Editor, U.S. Army War College Quarterly - Parameters

1430-1445   Conference Closing Remarks
Conference Agenda
About the Conference
There is no registration needed to view conference events via the internet or to access videos after the event. The USAWC resident class and invited guests will comprise the on-site audience. There is no general public registration for the event.
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