US Army War College Quarterly
Autumn 2005, Vol. XXXV, No. 3

From the Editor  (.htm format) (.pdf format)

“The Nine Principles of Reconstruction and Development,” by Andrew S. Natsios   (.htm format) (.pdf format)

“Afghanistan Four Years On: An Assessment,” by Sean M. Maloney  (.htm format) (.pdf format)

The Processing and Treatment of Illegal Combatants

“‘Six Floors’ of Detainee Operations in the Post-9/11 World,” by Thomas E. Ayres  (.htm format) (.pdf format)

“Is Guantanamo Bay Undermining the Global War on Terror?” by Gerard P. Fogarty  (.htm format) (.pdf format)

Religion and Political Change

“A Clash of Systems: An Analytical Framework to Demystify the Radical Islamist Threat,” by Andrew Harvey, Ian Sullivan, and Ralph Groves  (.htm format) (.pdf format)

“The Strategic Implications of Political Liberalization and Democratization in the Middle East,” by Chris Zambelis  (.htm format) (.pdf format)

Decisionmaking in Vietnam: Two Cases

“Blowtorch: Robert Komer and the Making of Vietnam Pacification Policy,” by Frank L. Jones  (.htm format) (.pdf format)

“Groupthink, Politics, and the Decision to Attempt the Son Tay Rescue,” by Mark Amidon  (.htm format) (.pdf format)

Commentary & Reply  (.htm format) (.pdf format)

Editor’s Shelf  (.htm format) (.pdf format)

Book Reviews  (.htm format) (.pdf format)

Off the Press  (.htm format) (.pdf format)

From the Archives  (.htm format) (.pdf format)

Parameters, a refereed journal of ideas and issues, provides a forum for the expression of mature professional thought on the art and science of land warfare, joint and combined matters, national and international security affairs, military strategy, military leadership and management, military history, ethics, and other topics of significant and current interest to the US Army and Department of Defense. It serves as a vehicle for continuing the education and professional development of USAWC graduates and other senior military officers, as well as members of government and academia concerned with national security affairs.

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