US Army War College Quarterly
Autumn 1996, Vol. XXVI, No. 3

From the Editor

"The Army National Guard and Conservation of Combat Power," by John R. Brinkerhoff

Operations in Troubled States

"Peace(keeping) in Our Time: The UN as a Professional Military Manager," by John Hillen

"The Political Component: The Missing Vital Element in US Intervention Planning," by Walter Clarke and Robert Gosende

"Non-Lethal Force: The Slippery Slope to War?" by F. M. Lorenz

"What Price Sticky Foam?" by Martin N. Stanton

"Declaring Victory: Planning Exit Strategies for Peace Operations," by Kevin C. M. Benson and Christopher B. Thrash

Warfare in an Information Age

"Strategic Information Warfare: A New Face of War," by Roger C. Molander, Andrew S. Riddile, and Peter A. Wilson

"Information Warfare and Deterrence," by Richard J. Harknett

"Advanced Battlespace and Cybermaneuver Concepts: Implications for Force XXI," by Robert J. Bunker

"Command and Control at the Crossroads," by Thomas J. Czerwinski

"The Digital General: Reflections on Leadership in the Post-Information Age," by Paul T. Harig

Commentary & Reply

Review Essays

Book Reviews

Off the Press

From the Archives

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