US Army War College Quarterly
Spring 1996, Vol. XXVI, No. 1

From the Editor 

Operations in Troubled States

"The Fate of the State," by Martin van Creveld

"State Collapse and Ethnic Violence: Toward a Predictive Model," by Pauline H. Baker and John A. Ausink

"Strategic Implications of Cultures in Conflict," by Paul M. Belbutowski

"Our Soldiers, Their Cities," by Ralph Peters 

Germany: Strategy, NATO, and Peace Operations

"NATO and Germany: A Renaissance in Strategy," by Christian E. O. Millotat

"The Future of German Operations Outside NATO," by Karl-Heinz Börner

"Germany and Peace Support Operations: Policy After the Karlsruhe Decision," by Robert H. Dorff

"Moltke and the German Military Tradition: His Theories and Legacies," by Antulio J. Echevarria II 

"Partnership and Tension: The Army and Air Force Between Vietnam and Desert Shield," by Harold R. Winton

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Review Essays

Book Reviews

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Strategic Landpower Essay Contest announcement 

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