US Army War College Quarterly
Summer 1996, Vol. XXVI, No. 2

From the Editor

Operations in Troubled States

"Military Doctrine and Counterinsurgency: A British Perspective," by Gavin Bulloch

"Democratization and Failed States: The Challenge of Ungovernability," by Robert H. Dorff

"Managing Peace Operations in the Field," by Mark R. Walsh

"Commander's Guidance: A Challenge of Complex Humanitarian Emergencies," by Andrew S. Natsios

"Responsibilities of a Military Negotiator During Peace Talks," by Anthony D. Marley

"Stress and Psychological Readiness in Post-Cold War Operations," by Faris R. Kirkland, Ronald R. Halverson, and Paul D. Bliese

"China, the United States, and Security Policy in East Asia," by A. James Gregor

Values, Assumptions, and Policies

"A Revolution in Military Ethics?" by Ralph Peters

"Take No Casualties," by Karl W. Eikenberry

"Casualties, Technology, and America's Future Wars," by Harvey M. Sapolsky and Jeremy Shapiro

Commentary & Reply

Review Essays

Book Reviews

Off the Press

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