US Army War College Quarterly
Spring 1997, Vol. XXVII, No. 1

From the Editor

Russia and Post-Communist Eurasia

"Russia and its Borderlands: A Geography of Violence," by Sherman W. Garnett

"Considerations for US Strategy in Post-Communist Eurasia," by Paul H. Herbert

Geopolitics and National Power

"National Power," by David Jablonsky

"The Immutable Importance of Geography," by David G. Hansen

"The Strategic Importance of Water," by Kent Hughes Butts

"The Strategic Importance of the World Food Supply," by Leif Roderick Rosenberger

"The Case in Favor of US Nuclear Weapons," by Robert G. Spulak, Jr.

"Contemporary Security Challenges in Southeast Asia," by Dana R. Dillon

Change and Continuity in Military Doctrine

"Army Doctrine and Modern War: Notes Toward a New Edition of FM 100-5," by Frederick Kagan

"Command and Control: The Essence of Coalition Warfare," by Anthony J. Rice

Commentary & Reply

Review Essay

Book Reviews

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