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From Parameters, Autumn 1998, p.140.

Those who have searched without success for a copy of Lewis Sorley's acclaimed 1992 biography, Thunderbolt: General Creighton Abrams and the Army of His Times, may be pleased to learn that Brassey's has released it in paperback as an Association of the United States Army Book for $21.95. A review of Sorley's latest effort, Honorable Warrior: General Harold K. Johnson and the Ethics of Command (Lawrence: Univ. Press of Kansas, 1998, $39.95), is in progress.

Those with an interest in the Middle East may want to examine materials produced in the United Arab Emirates by The Emirates Center for Strategic Studies & Research (ECSSR). The Center's Emirates Occasional Papers promote "the scientific investigation of contemporary political, economic, and social matters pertinent to the United Arab Emirates, the Gulf, and the Arab World." Contact the Center via e-mail at root@ecssr.edu.

The Joint History Office, since 1993 part of the Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, offers a range of publications in traditional and on-line formats. Several can be found under History Publications in the Joint Electronic Library at http://www.dtic.mil/doctrine. Others are available through the Government Printing Office at http://www.access.gpo.gov/su_docs/sale/prf/prf.html. Call 703-695-4517 for information about texts in print.

The quest for knowledge during a period of uncertainty may lead a new generation of students to the importance of places and populations, rather than ideology, as the basis for national security policy. Colin Gray has observed that in international affairs "Geography defines the players (which are territorially organized states, or would like to be), frequently defines the stakes for which the players contend, and always defines the terms in which they measure security relative to others."[1] The articles in this issue on NATO, particularly "The Geopolitics of NATO Enlargement" by John Hillen and Michael P. Noonan, add substance to Gray's insights. In 1996 the National Defense University released a reprint of the 1942 edition of Halford J. Mackinder's classic Democratic Ideals and Reality. More recently, Da Capo Press has reissued World Explorers and Discoverers, edited by Richard E. Bohlander. Its 313 amply illustrated entries could help to stimulate interest in geography and the sense of adventure associated with exploration.

Of particular note for anyone with an interest in international affairs is the 1998 publication of John M. Collins' Military Geography for Professionals and the Public by the National Defense University Press. The book's first three sections examine physical, cultural, and political-military geography; the fourth, "Area Analyses," synthesizes the previous material. The book is available from the Superintendent of Documents for $39.00 (stock # 008-020-01439-7). A review is forthcoming. -- JJM

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