National Security Reform 2010: A Midterm Assessment

Author: Dr Joseph R Cerami, Dr Robert H Dorff, Mr Matthew Harber

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On April 22, 2010, the Bush School of Government and Public Service and the U.S. Army War College, Strategic Studies Institute co-sponsored a colloquium in Washington, DC, on a midterm assessment of leadership and national security reform in the Obama administration. Panelists included experts from the Project on National Security Reform; the Foreign Policy Research Institute; the Hudson Institute; the Council on Foreign Relations; the Reserve Officers Association; the American Security Project; and Creative Associates International, Inc. The colloquium theme focused on the need for advancing the research and study of national security reform by engaging the invited participants to share their expertise on ways to develop a deeper awareness and understanding of the reform issues facing the U.S. Government. Three panels of national security experts discussed: “Assessing National Security Reform”; “Legislative Imperatives”; and, “Assessing National Security Reform-The Way Forward.” This book includes a summary of the panelists’ presentations, along with chapters written after the colloquium to further address and to assess the effectiveness and the near-term potential for Obama administration’s national security reform initiatives.