2016 Articles & Editorials

Strategic Insights: Thinking Strategically About Latin America and the Caribbean
Authored by Dr. R. Evan Ellis
Added December 09, 2016 

Strategic Insights: Think Before You Post: A Message to Those in Uniform
Authored by Colonel Heidi A. Urben
Added December 09, 2016

Colloquium Brief: U.S. Army War College 25th Annual Strategy Conference Carlisle, Pennsylvania, April 8-10, 2014 — Balancing the Joint Force to Meet Future Security Challenges
Authored by Dr. Richard Weitz
Added November 15, 2016

Strategic Insights: An EU Military Headquarters: A Cure in Search of an Illness?
Authored by Dr. John R. Deni
Added November 14, 2016

Strategic Insights: Bridging the Civil-Military Gap
Authored by Dr. Tami Davis Biddle
Added November 10, 2016

Strategic Insights: The “U.S. Factor” in China’s Problems
Authored by Dr. David Lai
Added October 25, 2016 

Strategic Insights: Cyber (In)Security, the Americas, and U.S. National Security
Authored by Dr. José de Arimatéia da Cruz
Added September 12, 2016

Strategic Insights: The Great Purge and the Future of the Turkish Military
Authored by Dr. W. Andrew Terrill
Added August 30, 2016

Strategic Insights: The Post-Conflict and the Transformation of Colombia’s Armed Forces
Authored by Dr. R. Evan Ellis
Added August 17, 2016

Strategic Insights: The Mysterious Case of the Vanishing Taliban
Authored by Dr. M. Chris Mason
Added August 01, 2016

Strategic Insights: Strategic Implications of Brexit
Authored by Dr. John R. Deni
Added June 24, 2016

Strategic Insights: Un-“Steady” State Operations: Redefining the Approach to Phase Zero in a Complex World
Authored by LTC Thomas R. Matelski
Added June 20, 2016

Strategic Insights: The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS/ISIL) and Trinidad and Tobago: Establishing a Dangerous Presence in the Western Hemisphere
Authored by Dr. José de Arimatéia da Cruz
Added May 13, 2016

Strategic Insights: Letting the Millennials Drive
Authored by Dr. Leonard Wong
Added May 02, 2016

Strategic Insights: The Coming Perfect Storm of Europe
Authored by Lieutenant Colonel Michael A. Adelberg
Added April 15, 2016

Strategic Insights: 2016 Campaign: National Security Debate, Army Implications, and Oversights
Authored by Prof William G. Braun, III
Added April 13, 2016

Strategic Insights: Mexico—New Directions, Continuity, and Obstacles in the Fight Against Transnational Organized Crime
Authored by Dr. R. Evan Ellis
Added March 31, 2016

Strategic Insights: Whiskey over Books, Again? Anti-Intellectualism and the Future Effectiveness of Army 2025
Authored by Dr. Don M. Snider
Added February 23, 2016

Strategic Insights: The Sinister Shadow of Escalating Middle Eastern Sectarianism
Authored by Dr. W. Andrew Terrill
Added January 21, 2016

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