Dr. Sarah Lohmann

Visiting Research Professor at US Army War College

Areas of Expertise: Cyber and energy security policy, and emerging technology.

Dr. Sarah Lohmann is a Visiting Research Professor at the US Army War College, and an Assistant Professor of International Studies at the University of Washington. Her current teaching and research focus is on cyber and energy security policy and emerging technology, and she is co-lead for a NATO Science and Technology project on “Energy Security in an Era of Hybrid Warfare”. Previously, she served as the Senior Cyber Fellow with the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies at Johns Hopkins University, where she managed projects which aimed to increase agreement between Germany and the United States on improving cybersecurity and creating cybernorms.

Starting in 2010, Dr. Lohmann served as a university instructor at the Universität der Bundeswehr in Munich, where she taught cybersecurity policy, international human rights, and political science and later led research efforts on quantitative methods of futures studies. Previously, she was a press spokeswoman for the U.S. Department of State for human rights as well as for the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs (MEPI).

Before her government service, she was a journalist and Fulbright scholar. With a doctorate from the Universität der Bundeswehr, a Master’s from American University (Washington, D.C.), and a Bachelor’s from Wheaton College (IL), Dr. Lohmann speaks frequently on cyber and international security to audiences in North America and Europe. She has been published in multiple books, including a handbook on digital transformation, Redesigning Organizations: Concepts for the Connected Society (Springer, 2020), and has written over a thousand articles in international press outlets.

Recent Publications:

Dr. Sarah Lohmann, “Germany Has a Math Problem, and It’s about to Get Worse, American Institute for Contemporary German Studies (AICGS) in Washington, September 13, 2021.

Dr. Sarah Lohmann, Risk Analysis and Emerging Threats, ‘video training for Argonne National Laboratory OSCE (Operation for Security and Co-Operation in Europe), September 2021.

Dr. Sarah Lohmann, “Balancing Green Energy, Energy Security, and Geopolitical Security“, European Union Center of Excellence (washington.edu), August 20 2021

Dr. Sarah Lohmann, “Never Forget”: 9/11 Then and Now—Thoughts on Readiness, (armywarcollege.edu), August 31 2021