SSI is the U.S. Army’s institute for geostrategic and national security research and analysis. 

US Army War College Quarterly, Parameters, released its 50th anniversary issue on March 2. The full-color issue features: a 50-year photo essay; a series of Prospectives on the future of the Army, civil-military affairs, and national strategy penned by leading national security professionals; and a series of Retrospectives by contemporary scholars and practitioners evaluating articles published in the journal's first year, 1971, on civil-military affairs, Russia, and lessons from history.

Veteran Disability Compensation and the Army Profession: Good Intentions Gone Awry
This study uses US Army and Department of Veterans Affairs personnel files, soldier interviews, and discussions with senior leaders to support its conclusions. The intent of the study is to prompt the Army profession to act before the culture surrounding disability compensation becomes permanent.
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USAWC Quarterly Journal, "Parameters: Winter 2020-21, vol.50 no.4"
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A Hard Look at Hard Power: Assessing the Defense Capabilities of Key US Allies and Security Partners—Second Edition
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Security Threats, American Pressure, and the Role of Key Personnel: How NATO’s Defence Planning Process is Alleviating the Burden-Sharing Dilemma
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This section contains working papers of the 2019-2020 US Army War College Integrated Research Project on the Indo-Pacific Region.
Each Working Paper will be a product of the USAWC INDOPACOM Project on Theater Design and represents the judgment of project researchers at the time of publication.
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Mission Command of Multi-Domain Operations
This research monograph explores the Army’s emerging concept of multi-domain operations and its implications on the mission command approach. The transition to multi-domain operations changes the traditional view of how Army commanders and staffs conduct operations in the physical environment to include simultaneously operations in the information environment.
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Key Strategic Issues List (KSIL) 2021-2022
New for Academic Years 2021-2022, the USAWC has published an updated Key Strategic Issues List (KSIL). The KSIL informs students, faculty, and external research associates of strategic topics requiring research and analysis…
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Of Interest

"The Real Story" from BBC News

China's Advance into Latin America. Evan Ellis discusses China's role in South America. The whole podcast is worth a listen, but Ellis starts speaking around the 29:15 mark.

Strategikon 90

Listen to Hermanos de Armas, ‘Brothers at Arms’: A tale of two countries – featuring USAWC Distinguished Fellow, former Colombian Maj. Gen., and currently the Colombian Ambassador to Australia, H.E. Alberto José Mejia Ferrero with SSI Latin America Research Professor, Dr. Evan Ellis, discussing Colombia and Venezuela on the Sage International podcast, "Strategikon".


Research and analysis by SSI research professors, USAWC teaching faculty, USAWC students, and SSI affiliates. Includes U.S. approaches and capabilities, U.S. allies and partners, and regional rivalry as the United States pursues its interests.

Integrated Research Projects (IRPs)

Every academic year (AY), the Commandant of the US Army War College commissions Integrated Research Projects (IRPs) to conduct intensive study on the Army’s top priority strategic issues. An IRP research team consists of subject matter expert faculty members and select resident students who engage in strategic research and analysis on each issue.

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“Tactics teaches the use of armed forces in the engagement; strategy, the use of engagements for the object of the war.”


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