This page captures research and analysis by SSI research professors, USAWC teaching faculty, USAWC students, and SSI affiliates, of current and future challenges in the region. Research and analysis will include U.S. approaches and capabilities, U.S. allies and partners, and regional rivalry as the United States pursues its interests.

An Army Transformed: USINDOPACOM Hypercompetition and US Army Theater Design
By Professors Nathan Freier, John Schaus, and William Braun

"In a hypercompetitive Indo-Pacific region, the Army will have to embrace four transformational—and culturally uncomfortable—roles to underwrite future Joint operations and compete with, deter, and—if needed—defeat China in the Indo-Pacific. Embracing these roles will be risky for the Army, but less so than continuing on the present course."

From the National Bureau of Asian Research:
"This report describes U.S. interests in the Indo-Pacific, challenges and opportunities the United States will likely face in the region over the next decade, the resources available to the United States for protecting and advancing its interests, and a recommended strategy for doing so."

The US Is Out of Position in the Indo-Pacific Region
By Nathan Freier, John Schaus, Al Lord, Alison Goldsmith, Elizabeth Martin

From DefenseOne:
"The Secretary of State’s recent dismissal of Beijing’s South China Sea claims is just the latest way U.S. officials are calling out Chinese rhetoric and military activity as a threat to a 'free and open Indo Pacific.'But from a military perspective, the United States is not well positioned to affect favorable change or moderate Beijing’s aggressive behavior."