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New Publications
The Implications of Preemptive and Preventive War Doctrines: A Reconsideration, by Dr. Colin S. Gray. The author draws a sharp distinction between preemption and prevention, and explains the political, military, moral and strategic arguments have really all been about the latter, not the former. He concludes that there is a place for preventive war in U.S. strategy, but it is an option that only should be exercised very occasionally.

Security Requirements for Post-Transition Cuba, by Colonel G. Alexander Crowther. This monograph conceptualizes a post-Castro future for the Cuban armed forces. The author projects required mission and structure changes, as the Cuban military will need to be integrated into the family of Western Hemisphere militaries, support democracy, be subordinate to elected civilian leaders, and respect human rights.

Shaping Commitment: Resolving Canada’s Strategy Gap in Afghanistan and Beyond, by Colonel D. Craig Hilton, Canadian Army. Canada’s engagement in Afghanistan has highlighted a gap between stated national security and foreign policy goals and the Canadian military, diplomatic, and development effort in theater. The author provides recommendations to resolve Canada’s strategy gap in both the immediate and the longer term.

Coming Soon
An Introduction to Theater Strategy and Regional Security, by Lieutenant Colonel Clarence Bouchat.

Negotiation in the New Strategic Environment: Lessons from Iraq, by Dr. David Tressler.

Latin America’s New Security Reality: Irregular Asymmetric Conflict and Hugo Chavez, by Dr. Max Manwaring.

Kuwaiti National Security and the U.S.-Kuwaiti Strategic Relationship after Saddam, by Dr. W. Andrew Terrill.

Egypt: Security, Political and Islamist Challenges, by Dr. Sherifa Zuhur.

The Reserve Policies of Nations: A Comparative Analysis, by Dr. Richard Weitz.

Monthly Op-Ed
Can Tony Blair Make a Difference in the Middle East? by Dr. W. Andrew Terrill

Upcoming Events
The "People" in the PLA: Recruitment, Training, and Education in China's 80-year old Military
September 28-30 - Carlisle, PA

Of Interest
Islamic Fundamentalism in South Asia (Part I) by Jere Van Dyk

Islamic Fundamentalism in South Asia (Part II) by Jere Van Dyk

News and Updates
Dr. Steven Metz has signed a contract with Potomac Press for publication of his book Iraq and the Evolution of American Strategy.

From July 29-August 1, Dr. Andrew Terrill participated in an Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation Conference on "Arms Control and Security Improvement in the Middle East," in Athens, Greece. He gave a presentation on current and potential spillover effects of the Iraq War for Iraq's neighbors.

On 25 July, LTC Raymond Millen gave a lecture on the National Security Council process to Afghan college students at the American University in Kabul. LTC Millen discussed the diverse factors that influence presidential foreign policy formulation, as well as coaltion counterinsurgency strategy in Afghanistan.

Dr. Stephen Blank published "Russia Shakes the Pillars of European Arms Control" in Acque et Terre No. 3, 2007.

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