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New Publications
Taking Up the Security Challenge of Climate Change by Rymn J. Parsons. This project examines the destabilizing effects of climate change and how the military could be used to mitigate global warming and to assist at-risk peoples and states to adapt to climate change, thereby promoting stability and sustainable security. Recommendations are made on the importance of U.S. leadership on the critical issue of global warming, on defining and dealing with the strategic dimensions of climate change, and, as a case in point, on how Sino-American cooperation in Africa would not only benefit areas where climate change effects are already pronounced, but also strengthen a crucial bilateral relationship.

New Partnerships for a New Era: Enhancing the South African Army's Stabilization Role in Africa, by Dr. Deane-Peter Baker. Recent political changes in both the United States and South Africa have opened a new window of opportunity for developing a productive partnership. This monograph outlines helpful ways in which the United States can contribute to the SA Army's forward planning process so as to help optimize South Africa's potential contribution to the emergence of a peaceful and stable Africa.

Coming Soon
Criminals, Militias, and Insurgents: Organized Crime in Iraq, by Dr. Phil Williams

Toward a Risk Management Defense Strategy, by Nathan Freier

Russian Elite Image of Iran: From Late Soviet Era to Present, by Dr. Dmitry Shlapentokh

Mind Sets and Missiles: A First Hand Account of the Cuban Missile Crisis, by Kenneth Michael Absher

Monthly Op-Ed
The Role of Cuban Paramilitary Organizations (People's Militias) in the Post-Castro Era, by Max G. Manwaring

Drug Trafficking, Violence and Instability in Mexico, Colombia, and the Caribbean: Implications for US National Security
October 29-30, Pittsburgh, PA

News and Updates
Dr. David Lai's article "Obama's Policy Option on North Korea" appeared in China Security.

Dr. Stephen Blank testified to the U.S. Congress Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (Helsinki Commission) on July 16 concerning the impact of Iran's post-election protests on Eurasia.

Former SSI Analyst, Dr. Stephen Biddle, was selected to serve on the Defense Policy Board which provides the secretary, deputy secretary and under secretary for policy with independent, informed advice and opinion concerning matters of defense policy.

LTC Phil Cuccia has joined SSI as a Director of European Studies.

A paper "Leadership as Practical Ethics" written by Dr. Joel Rosenthal and presented at the SSI cosponsored research colloquium, "Leadership and National Security Reform" is available at the Carnegie Council website.

On July 29, Dr. Max Manwaring addressed a conference on Hugo Chavez's conduct of Asymmetric-4th Generation War in Colombia and elsewhere in Latin America. The conference was organized by the Chief of the Colombian Armed Forces, General Freddy Padillia, and held at the Clube Militar in Bogota, Colombia. On the previous two days, Dr. Manwaring addressed a conference on contemporary Latin American security issues at the University of the Andes. On July 31, Dr. Manwaring met at length with Dr. Enrique Obando, Deputy Director of Peruvian National Intelligence, in Lima, Peru. They discussed the resurgence of the Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path) organization, and other security issues pertinent to the various Andean countries of South America.

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