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New Publications
The Army Officers' Professional Ethic--Past, Present, and Future by Colonel Matthew Moten. Do you think the Army officer corps needs a clear statement of its professional ethic? Colonel Matthew Moten does, and he has written it in one page. Join the debate.

The Effects of Multiple Deployments on Army Adolescents by Dr. Leonard Wong, Dr. Stephen Gerras. Frequent U.S. Army deployments increase the burden on children who must face the stress and strain of separation and anxiety. The authors take a much-needed, detailed look at the effects of multiple deployments on Army adolescents.

Security and Stability in Africa: A Development Approach. by Lt. Col. Clarence J. Bouchat (USAF, Ret.). The security and stability of Africa has recently become an important national issue. However, to be effective this growing interest must be rooted in the desire to overcome centuries of ignorance and misunderstanding about the conditions and people of Africa.

Pakistan's Nuclear Future: Reining in the Risk by Mr. Henry D. Sokolski. With any attempt to assess security threats, there is a natural tendency to focus first on the worst. Consider the most recent appraisals of Pakistan’s nuclear program. Normally, the risk of war between Pakistan and India, and possible nuclear escalation, would be bad enough. Now, however, most American security experts are riveted on the frightening possibility of Pakistani nuclear weapons capabilities falling into the hands of terrorists who are intent on attacking the United States. Presented with the horrific implications of such an attack, the American public and media have increasingly come to view nearly all Pakistani security issues through this lens.

Towards a U.S. Army Officer Corps Strategy for Success: Retaining Talent by Colonel Casey Wardynski, Major David S. Lyle, Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) Michael J. Colarusso. Why have Army junior officer retention rates plummeted since 1983? Are the root causes truly understood? What are the long-term consequences of failing to retain talented young officers? What steps has the Army taken to meet this challenge, and how effective have they been? What must the Army do to restore junior officer retention rates to previously healthy levels?

Coming Soon
Do Oil Exports Fuel Defense Spending? by Clayton K.S. Chun

Decision Making in Operation IRAQI FREEDOM: Removing Saddam Hussein by Force, by Dr. Steven Metz

Transnational Insurgencies and the Escalation of Regional Conflict: Lessons for Iraq and Afghanistan, by Dr. Idean Salehyan

Synchronizing U.S. Government Efforts Toward Collaborative Healthcare Policy Making in Iraq, by LTC Thomas S. Bundt

Lashkar-I-Taiba: The Fallacy of Subservient Proxies and the Future of Islamist Terrorism in India, by Ryan Clarke

Shades of CORDS in the Kush: The False Hope of “Unity of Effort” in American Counterinsurgency Henry Nuzum

Monthly Op-Ed
A Death Knell for "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"
by COL (R) John R. Martin.

What is War?
The 2010 US Army War College Strategy Conference, "Defining War for the 21st Century," brings together the world's foremost experts to examine this critical issue of the post-September 11 world. See the conference website for the tentative agenda and other information. Registration is now online.

Virtual Conference: The Future of the U.S. Army Officer Corps
The Vice Chief of Staff of the Army needs you in the discussion on developing an officer corps strategy.
Retaining Talent: January 18 - February 21, 2010
Accessing Talent: February 22 - March 28, 2010

Brazil's New Security Strategy and Defense Doctrine
March 11, 2010 - Washington, DC

Annual Strategy Conference: Defining War for the 21st Century
April 6-8, 2010 - Carlisle, PA

Forging a US-Brazil Strategic Partnership
April 15, 2010 - Washington, DC

2010: Preparing for a Mid-Term Assessment of Leadership and National Security Reform in the Obama Administration
April 22, 2010 - Washington, DC

2010 Western Hemisphere Security Colloquium
May 25-26, 2010 - Miami, FL

Security and Governance: Foundations for International Stability
June 21-23 - Kingston, Ontario, Canada

On January 28 Dr. Metz served on the RAND Corporation Insurgency Board in Arlington, VA. Dr. Metz joined the editorial board of the Journal of Strategic Security which is a peer-reviewed professional journal published quarterly by Henley-Putnam University.

On January 29, Drs. Leonard Wong and Stephen Gerras discussed "The Effects of Multiple Deployments on Army Adolescents" at a bloggers roundtable. Audio of the event with Q&A from reporters is available online.

On February 1, Dr. Blank lectured at the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute on "Russian Objectives in Ukraine and the Instruments of its Policy."

On February 1, Dr. David Lai gave a VTC presentation on "Sun Tzu, the Game of Go and Chinese Way of War" to the Australian Defense College Centre for Defense and Strategic Studies. The presentation provides an innovative think piece to the Centre's "Frameworks for Strategic Leadership and Command." Take a look at the companion SSI monograph, Learning from the Stones: A Go Approach to Mastering China's Strategic Concept, Shi.

The Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR 2010) is now online.
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