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Research and Analysis
Talking Past Each Other? How Views of U.S. Power Vary between U.S. and International Military Personnel. COL Richard H. M. Outzen examines the gap between the U.S. military’s self-image and its image in the eyes of an international military audience. When considering U.S. power, do response patterns indicate great differences between how U.S. military officers view themselves and how they are viewed by their international peers? If so, is there anything the United States can do about it, or does fundamental and pathological anti-Americanism predetermine outcomes?

Routine, Disciplined, and Results-Oriented: Joint Plans and Operations (JPOx) and Decisionmaking Processes in U.S. Forces-Iraq (USF-I), by Colonel Matthew Q. Dawson.

Strategic Stability: Contending Interpretations, edited by Elbridge A. Colby and Michael S. Gerson, offers the most current and authoritative survey of the concept of strategic stability, a central plank in U.S. policy on nuclear weapons and great power relations.
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Cyber Infrastructure Protection: Volume II, by Tarek Saadawi, Louis H. Jordan, Jr., and Vincent Boudreau, eds.

From Chaos to Cohesion: A Regional Approach to Security, Stability, and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa, by Diane E. Chido

Governance, Identity, and Counterinsurgency: Evidence from Ramadi and Tal Afar, by Michael Fitzsimmons

Cyberspace: Malevolent Actors, Criminal Opportunities and Strategic Competition Conference, by Robert J. Bunker
Monthly Op-Ed
Thinking Inside A New Box: The Coming of the New Age of Mutualism; The End of Another, by COL Louis H. Jordan, Jr.

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The registration process is open for the XXIV Annual U.S. Army War College Strategy Conference to be held at Carlisle Barracks, Carlisle PA, April 9-11, 2013. This year’s topic is "The Future of American Landpower." For more information and to register, please visit the conference homepage here.

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U.S. nuclear strategy as a contentious issue during the January 31 Senate Armed Services Committee confirmation hearing for Chuck Hagel, President Obama's nominee for Secretary of Defense. Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma pointedly questioned Hagel's service on the Global Zero U.S. Nuclear Policy Commission which issued a report last May calling for an 80 percent reduction in the U.S. nuclear arsenal. This may be the beginning of a major debate on the U.S. nuclear force posture and strategy that will explore the appropriate extent of force reductions. If so, Russia’s posture and strategy--the only nation whose nuclear forces match those of the United States--will be important. SSI's September 2012 book, Russia and the Current State of Arms Control provides rich background for understanding this perplexing issue.

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