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New Publications
HAMAS and Israel: Conflicting Strategies of Group-Based Politics, by Dr. Sherifa Zuhur. This monograph considers the changing fortunes of the Palestinian movement, Hamas, and the recent outcomes of Israeli strategies aimed against this group and Palestinian nationalism external to the Fatah faction of the Palestinian Authority. The author demonstrates that efforts made to separate Hamas from its popular support have not been effective in eradicating the will to resist among a fairly large segment of the Palestinian population.

War without Borders: The Colombia-Ecuador Crisis of 2008, by Dr. Gabriel Marcella. Latin American countries, in varying degrees, are suffering from the combination of weak states, ungoverned space, terrorism, and international criminal networks resulting in a different kind of war that defies borders. The author analyzes the critical role that the United States plays in the emerging security environment in the region.

Affairs of State: The Interagency and National Security, edited by Dr. Gabriel Marcella. The authors of this compendium join in a common effort to shed light on how the interagency works with respect to national security. They are particularly sensitive to matters of institutional culture and to the proclivities that go into making and implementing decisions in the complex U.S. national security system.

Regional Spillover Effects of the Iraq War, by Dr. W. Andrew Terrill. Long-term planning remains vital for advancing region-wide U.S. and Iraqi interests following a U.S. drawdown in Iraq. The author explores the actual and potential spillover effects of the war that will face U.S. policymakers: the flow of refugees and displaced persons from Iraq; cross-border terrorism; the potential intensification of separatism and sectarian discord among Iraq's neighbors; and transnational crime.

After Iraq: The Search for a Sustainable National Security Strategy, by Dr. Colin S. Gray. The author of this monograph identifies the “pieces of the puzzle” most relevant to national security strategy; surfaces the leading assumptions held by American policymakers and strategists; considers alternative national security policies; and specifies the necessary components of a sustainable national security strategy. He concludes that the United States has much less choice over its policy and strategy than the public debate suggests.

Monthly Op-Ed
The Army's Ethic Suffers under its Retired Generals, by Dr. Don M. Snider

Trans-National Criminal Organizations in the Americas: Responding to the Growing Threat
January 29, 2009, Washington, DC

20th Annual Strategy Conference "Strategic Implications of Current and Emerging Technologies"
April 14-16, 2009, Carlisle, PA
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Opportunity at SSI
The U.S. Army War College Strategic Studies Institute (SSI) seeks an expert on Joint, Interagency, Intergovernmental, and Multinational (JIIM) security studies to join one of the most dynamic think tanks in the national security field and help shape U.S. national security policy. Check our website for more details.
Coming Soon
Nuclear Heuristics: Selected Writings of Albert and Roberta Wohlstetter, edited by Robert Zarate and Henry Sokolski

The Serpent in Our Garden: Al-Qa'ida and the Long War, by Colonel Brian Drinkwine

News and Updates
On January 5, the Chairs of East Asian Studies and Political Science departments of Dickinson College appointed Dr. David Lai to be a Dean's Fellow.

COL John Dabrowski joins SSI as the Director of Academic Engagement.

SSI launched its new website on December 15, 2008.
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