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New Publications
Security Sector Reform: A Case Study Approach to Transition and Capacity Building by Dr. Sarah Meharg, Ms. Aleisha Arnusch. Edited by Professor Susan Merrill. Security sector reform (SSR) has emerged since the end of the Cold War as an important tool for stabilizing and reconstructing post-conflict countries. It offers a means of arresting the failure process in failing states and supporting failed state recovery. The U.S. Government endorses the concept of SSR as a component of stabilization reconstruction in the new (October 2008) U.S. Army Field Manual 3-07, Stability Operations.

Medvedev's Plan: Giving Russia a Voice but not a Veto in a New European Security System by Dr. Richard J. Krickus. The author revisits Medvedev’s proposal and, while some Western analysts deem the conflicting interests and value gap that separate the West from Russia to be overwhelming, others argue that the time has come to engage Russia in seeking a common security agenda in Europe. The most compelling question confronting those who favor a security partnership with Russia is: How to give Russia a voice but not a veto in a new European security system?

An All Hazards Training Center for a Catastrophic Emergency by Colonel Xavier Stewart. The author has experienced dramatic changes in homeland security theory, policy and practices. He proposes the establishment of All-Hazard Training Centers in the 10 Federal Emergency Management Agency regions to train civil support team (weapons of mass destruction) emergency responders for chemical, biological radiological, nuclear, explosive, and cyberspace events or natural catastrophes.

Coming Soon
The Effects of Multiple Deployments on Army Adolescents, by Dr. Leonard Wong and Dr. Stephen J. Gerras

Pakistan’s Nuclear Future: Reining in the Risk, by Henry Sokolski, ed.

Security and Stability in Africa: A Development Approach, by Clarence J. Bouchat, Lt Col (Retired), USAF

Decision Making in Operation IRAQI FREEDOM: Removing Saddam Hussein by Force, by Dr. Steven Metz

Do Oil Exports Fuel Defense Spending? by Clayton K.S. Chun

The Army Officers’ Professional Ethic -- Past, Present, and Future by COL Matthew Moten

Towards a U.S. Army Officer Corps Strategy for Success: Retaining Talent by COL Casey Wardynski, MAJ David S. Lyle, and Mr. Michael J. Colarusso

Monthly Op-Ed
Something Brewing in Venezuela
by LTC Phillip R. Cuccia

What is War?
The 2010 US Army War College Strategy Conference, "Defining War for the 21st Century", brings together the world's foremost experts to examine this critical issue in the post-September 11 world. See the conference website for the tentative agenda and other information. Registration will be available in late January.

Virtual Conference: The Future of the U.S. Army Officer Corps
The Vice Chief of Staff of the Army needs you in the discussion on developing an officer corps strategy.
Defining Talent: November 9, 2009 - January 17, 2010
Retaining Talent: January 18 - February 21, 2010

Brazil's New Security Strategy and Defense Doctrine
February 10, 2010 - Washington, DC

Forging a US-Brazil Strategic Partnership
March 10, 2010 - Washington, DC

Annual Strategy Conference:
Defining War for the 21st Century
April 6-8, 2010, Carlisle, PA
Online registration will open in late January

2010: Preparing for a Mid-Term Assessment of Leadership and National Security Reform in the Obama Administration
April 15, 2010 - Washington, DC

2010 Western Hemisphere Security Colloquium
May 25-26, 2010 - Washington, DC

On December 1, The New Republic published Dr. Metz's article, "How the Obama Surge is Like Bush's".

On December 2, WHYY Radio interviewed Dr. Steven Metz on the new Obama strategy. Listen to the audio.

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