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New Publications
U.S. Army War College Guide to National Security Policy and Strategy, edited by Dr. J. Boone Bartholomees, Jr. This revised and expanded edition reflects both the method and the manner the Army War College uses to teach strategy formulation to America's future strategic leaders.

Friction in U.S. Foreign Policy: Cultural Difficulties with the World, by Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Stewart. This Carlisle Paper examines the ideological threats confronting the United States and America's lack of cultural savvy, along with their implications, proposing a new outlook for policy leaders and strategists.

Coming Soon
Taming the Next Set of Strategic Weapons Threats, edited by Mr. Henry Sokolski.

Defense Transformation: To What, For What? by Colonel Kevin Reynolds

String of Pearls: Meeting the Challenge of China's Rising Power across the Asian Littoral, by Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Pehrson.

How to Make Army Force Generation Work for the Army's Reserve Components, by Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Whitlock.

Strategic Challenges for Counterinsurgency and the Global War on Terrorism, edited by Dr. Williamson Murray.

Monthly Op-Ed
Canadian Defense Policy--A breath of Fresh Air, by COL Alex Crowther.

Upcoming Colloquia
Right Sizing the PLA: Understanding the Drivers of China's approach to Military Modernization
October 6-8, 2006 - Carlisle, PA

News and Updates
All videos of the 17th Annual Strategy Conference "A Nation at War" are online at the conference website.

Dr. Stephen Blank participated in "India's Foreign Policy, Allies, and Military Capabilities" sponsored by the State Department and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace on India.

LTC Raymond Millen will be deployed from August 2006 until August 2007 as a CFC-A political officer.

Dr. Antulio Echevarria II gave a presentation on "Transformation Myths" to an audience that included officials from various ministries throughout Europe at the 1st Annual Baltic Conference on Defense in Tartu, Estonia.

Dr. Steven Metz has joined the RAND Corporation Insurgency Board.

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