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Research and Analysis
Russia in the Arctic, edited by Dr. Stephen J. Blank. The Arctic is the newest sphere of international competition for energy and security access. It pits Russia against the other Arctic states. These essays fully explore and analyze what is at stake here and what Moscow has done to increase its capability and influence in the Arctic.

The New Aztecs: Ritual and Restraint in Contemporary Western Military Operations, by Dr. Zhivan Alach. The Western way of war has come full circle. After centuries, indeed millennia, of evolution toward increased totality and brutality, it has turned back once again to the ritualistic and restrained methods of primitive warfare.

The European Campaign: Its Origins and Conduct, by Dr. Samuel J. Newland and Dr. Clayton K. S. Chun. Given the significance of World War II and the interest in the European Campaign, the authors offer a fresh look at the operations involved in winning the war in Europe.

Understanding the North Korea Problem: Why It Has Become the "Land of Lousy Options," by William A Boik. The U.S. has made little effort to meaningfully engage North Korea over the last decade. What can be done to increase the U.S. understanding of the situation in North Korea and our ability to influence the actions of the North Korean leadership?

The Changing Face of Afghanistan, 2001-08, by Colonel Deborah Hanagan. This paper reviews the broad dimensions of the George W. Bush administration policy and strategy regarding Afghanistan and the fact that it was multilateral, encompassing extensive political, economic, and military efforts, and multinational during the entire period of the administration. It provides broad documentation of the concrete progress made in the country between 2001 and 2008 and addresses the ongoing challenges.

Articles and Briefs
Coming Soon
North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the European Union’s Common Security and Defense Policy: Intersecting Trajectories, by Sarwar A. Kashmeri

China – Latin America Military Engagement: Good Will, Good Business, and Strategic Position, by R. Evan Ellis

National Security Reform 2010: A Midterm Assessment, edited by Joseph R. Cerami, Robert H. Dorff, and Matthew H. Harber

Monthly Op-Ed
A National Strategic Narrative and Grand Strategy for the 21st Century, by Dr. Jack A. LeCuyer.

Upcoming Events
SSI Opportunities
The External Research Associates Program (ERAP) will open on the Federal Business Opportunities (FEDBIZOPS) website on or about July 22, 2011. ERAP is a contractual program (not an academic grant) whereby the U.S. Government pays for scholarly research and analysis. Learn more about ERAP or go directly to the pre-solicitation on

The Academic Engagement Program request for proposals should be announced within the next month. Any institution planning to submit a proposal should contact SSI, if submission assistance is needed. More about the Academic Engagement Program.
News & Resources
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On June 11, Dr. Steven Metz gave a presentation on the future Iraq Security Forces to the CIA's 7th Annual Iraq conference in Rossyln, VA. On June 16-17, Dr. Metz participated in an Office of the Secretary Defense sponsored wargame in Rosslyn, VA on evolved irregular threats. On June 27, Dr. Metz participated in the RAND Corporation Insurgency Board in Alexandria, VA.

On June 19, Dr. Andrew Terrill was cited in “L’unite de l’armee syrienne a l’epreuve de la repression,” L’Express.

On June 19, SSI welcomed LTC Phillip Cuccia home from Afghanistan. On July 5, SSI celebrated as Prof. Douglas Lovelace officiated LTC Cuccia's promotion to Colonel. COL Cuccia will assume the duties of Director of Academic Engagement upon the retirement of COL Richard McConoughey next month.

On June 21-22, Dr. Antulio Echevarria attended Irregular Warfare and Armed Groups: Threats and Opportunities at the Center for Irregular Warfare and Armed Groups in Newport, RI.

On June 28, Dr. Leonard Wong presented a briefing entitled, "From Generation to Generation," as part of the Chief, Medical Service Corps session of The Army Medical Exposition in San Antonio, TX.

On July 13, COL Carolyn Kleiner and Dr. Dallas Owens briefed research managers and staff from the Center for Naval Analysis (CNA) on current Reserve Component activities and future Active Component/Reserve Component integration plans and issues. The briefings were conducted at the CNA in Alexandria, VA.

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