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Research and Analysis
Resolving Insurgencies, by Dr. Thomas R. Mockaitis. How do insurgencies end? Through historical analysis of relevant case studies, the author tackles this challenging question, reaching the surprising conclusion that outright victory is seldom the answer.

Military Modernization and the Russian Ground Forces, by Dr. Rod Thornton. Russia’s political leaders are currently pushing a state- and society-wide process of modernization. How will the deeply conservative Russian military accept and implement those proposed changes?

The Russian Military and the Georgia War: Lessons and Implications, by by Dr. Ariel Cohen and Colonel Robert E. Hamilton. In this monograph, the authors state that Russia planned the war against Georgia in August 2008 aiming for the annexation of Abkhazia, weakening the Saakashvili regime, and prevention of NATO enlargement. According to them, while Russia won the campaign, it also exposed its own military as badly needing reform. The war also demonstrated weaknesses of the NATO and the European Union security systems.

Defining Command, Leadership, and Management Success Factors within Stability Operations, by Major Dave Fielder. Stabilization operations have been present across the globe for centuries in many forms. But how have the command, leadership, and management of these operations manifested themselves, and what are the success attributes within this field of study?

Rebuilding Armed Forces: Learning from Iraq and Lebanon, by Dr. Florence Gaub. Learning from the armed forces of Iraq and Lebanon might not seem the first instinct when it comes to improving post-conflict reconstruction efforts. Yet, the two cases offer useful insight into these processes, what to avoid and what to emphasize.

Articles and Briefs
Colloquium Brief: Post-Heroic Warfare? by Conor Tucker and Erin Fitzgerald. SSI, the University of Oxford Changing Character of War Programme, and the Australian Land Warfare Studies Centre partnered to conduct an international conference entitled “Post-Heroic Warfare?"

Coming Soon
The European Campaign, Its Origins and Conduct, by Samuel J. Newland and Clayton K.S. Chun

Russia in the Arctic, edited by Stephen J. Blank

Conflict Management: A Tool for U.S. National Security Strategy, by Mackenzie Duelge and Volker Franke

Understanding the North Korea Problem: Why it Has Become the 'Land of Lousy Options,' by William A. Boik

National Security Reform 2010: A Midterm Assessment, edited by Joseph R. Cerami, Robert H. Dorff, and Matthew H. Harber

Monthly Op-Ed
Op-Ed: U.S. Intelligence at a Crossroads, by Dr. Stephen J. Blank.

Upcoming Events
News & Resources
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On May 16, Herald Scotland cited Dr. Andrew Terrill in “Assad retreats from violence but the oppression goes on.” On May 18, Dr. Terrill’s book, Global Security Watch: Jordan, received a review in Comparative Strategy. On May 29, AFP cited Dr. Terrill in “Analysts: Syria’s Army is loyal, but not fail safe,” by Lachlan Carmichael. In addition, a variety of sources including the Jordan Times and Kuwait Times reported on this article. On May 29, Le Matin Online cited Dr. Terrill in “Syrie: la president Assad pas a l’abri d’un revirement de l’armee.” On May 30, Lebanese Daily cited Dr. Terrill in “Avec la poursuit de la revolte l’armee Syrieene risqué l’effondrement,” by Rania Massoud. On June 7, World Policy Review interviewed Dr. Terrill for “Global Insider: Iran-Kuwait Relations.” On June 16, Reuters cited Dr. Terrill. in “Analysis-Cracks in Syrian army after 3 months of protest,” by Khaled Yacoub Oweis. Several outlets such as Kuwait Times reported on this article.

On June 1-3, Dr. Stephen Blank, Dr. Jeffrey McCausland, and COL Jordan participated in the Carnegie Council colloquium titled “U.S. Global Engagement” in New York City.

On June 15, Dr. Blank published "Russia’s 'Hysterical Pregnancy' About Missile Defenses," in The Jamestown Foundation's Eurasia Daily Monitor.

Dr. David Lai’s SSI monograph Learning from the Stones: A Go Approach to Mastering China’s Strategic Concept, Shi is referenced, and its ideas discussed, in Dr. Henry Kissinger's new book On China. On June 11, The Wall Street Journal interviewed Dr. Lai for the article, "What Kind of Game Is China Playing?," by Keith Johnson. The article discusses Go and Dr. Kissinger's use of Dr. Lai's theories in On China. The Globe and Mail also picked up the Wall Street Journal article in "Weiqi: The game that holds China's key to world domination."

On June 1, Dr. Antulio Echevarria gave a presentation, "Rebounding from the RMA: Learning from the Dialogues over Hybrid War," at the Clinton Institute for American Studies, University College Dublin, in Dublin, Ireland. On June 10 and 11, Dr. Echevarria gave two presentations: the "American Way of War" and the "German Way of War." Both of those presentations were given at the annual Society for Military History conference.

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