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New Publications
The Role of Small States in the Post-Cold War Era: The Case of Belarus, by Dr. Dmitry Shlapentokh. The absence of a single center of power or a few centers of power — as was the case during the Cold War — provides the opportunity even for small states, sandwiched between much stronger states, to move with comparative ease from one center of power to another. Even when small states become finally attached to one of these centers, their attachment is not absolute, and freedom of action is still preserved. This provides the opportunity for small states, such as Belarus, to move from one center of power to another or to engage in a sort of geopolitical gamesmanship.

Disjointed Ways, Disunified Means: Learning from America's Struggle to Build an Afghan Nation, by COL Lewis G. Irwin. Remarkably ambitious in its audacity and scope, NATO's irregular warfare and nation-building mission in Afghanistan has struggled to meet its nonmilitary objectives by most tangible measures. This book explores shortfalls in the U.S. Government's strategic planning processes and the mechanisms for interagency coordination of effort that have contributed to this situation, as well as reforms needed to meet emerging 21st century national security challenges.

Can Russia Reform? Economic, Political, and Military Perspectives, edited by Dr. Stephen J. Blank. These three papers represent the first panel of papers from SSI's annual Russia conference that took place in September 2011. They assess the nature of Russia's political system, economy, and armed forces and draw conclusions, even sharp and provocative ones, concerning the nature and trajectory of these institutions.

Colloquium Brief: Learning By Doing: The PLA Trains at Home and Abroad, by Anton Wishik II.

Coming Soon
U.S. Army War College Guide to National Security Issues, Volume 1: Theory of War and Strategy, edited by J. Boone Bartholomees, Jr.

U.S. Army War College Guide to National Security Issues, Volume 2: National Security Policy and Strategy, edited by J. Boone Bartholomees, Jr.

Monthly Op-Ed
Relearning War, by Dr. Stephen Blank

Upcoming Events
International Security in an Age of Austerity
June 11-13, 2012 — Kingston, Ontario, Canada

News & Resources
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On May 3, Dr. Stephen Blank published, "The End of Russian Power in Asia?" in the Spring 2012 edition of Orbis.

On May 7-11, Dr. Robin Dorff made three presentations titled: U.S. Strategy and Strategy Formulation; Integrating Civilian-military Capabilities; and, U.S. Responses to China's Grand Strategy at the Royal Danish Defence College in Copenhagen, Denmark.

On May 15-16, SSI organized and led a conference titled: A Changing Russia in a Changing World Order. Scholars from the U.S., U.K., France, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Israel, Russia, and Canada participated. The conference examined prospects for political, economic, and defense reform; Russian views on future war; the security picture for Russia in Central Asia after U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan; and, Russia's security relations with Europe and East Asia. Dr. Stephen Blank presented a paper analyzing the reform of the state and the defense sector, and on Russian security in Asia.

On May 23, Dr. Stephen Blank presented a paper to the XI Annual Conference on Asia at the Tel-Aviv University, Israel, concerning the Russian view of multipolarity in Asia.

On May 31, The Royal Air Force Chief of Staff placed Conceptualising Modern War, edited Kark Erik Haug and Ole Jorgen Maao, on the official reading list of the RAF Chief of Staff. Dr. Steven Metz and Dr. Antulio Echevarria contributed chapters to the publication concerning insurgency and generations of war.

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