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New Publications
The New Totalitarians: Social Identities and Radical Islamist Political Grand Strategy by Dr. Douglas Macdonald. Many analysts have discussed the "clash of civilizations" between the Muslim world and the West. The author argues that the "clash" is not occurring, but that it is the end goal of radical Islamist terrorists. They want to spread their totalitarian beliefs to the entire Muslim world to create a violent clash with non-Muslim societies. The author proposes several recommendations to preclude this from happening.

Understanding Indian Insurgencies: Implications for Counterinsurgency Operations in the Third World by Dr. Durga Madhab (John) Mitra. This monograph analyzes the susceptibility of Third World countries to insurgency and illuminates some of the contributing factors, using India as a model. He discusses implications of the model for counterinsurgency strategy in the Third World, including economic development, the role of democracy, and social and political autonomy, and makes recommendations for effective counterinsurgency strategy.

The Iraq War: Learning from the Past, Adapting to the Present, and Planning for the Future by Dr. Thomas R. Mockaitis. This monograph examines how the American approach to unconventional war has affected operations in Iraq. The author draws on the experience of other nations, particularly the United Kingdom, to identify broad lessons that might inform the conduct of this and future campaigns.

The Other Special Relationship: The United States and Australia at the Start of the 21st Century edited by Dr. Jeffrey McCausland, Dr. Douglas Stuart, Dr. William Tow, and Dr. Michael Wesley. This book summarizes the findings of a series of colloquia that brought together a team of American and Australian experts. Their discussions of issues relating to foreign policy, economics and business, domestic politics and public opinion, and security and defense affairs are reflected in the volume's chapters.

Russia, the United States, and the Caucasus by Dr. R. Craig Nation. The author highlights the kind of conflicting interests that have made Russian-American relations in the region highly competitive. He also addresses areas of shared priorities and mutual advantage that provide a potential foundation for more benign engagement. The author concludes that emerging regional issues will significantly affect the larger climate of U.S.-Russian relations for some time.

Russia and the European Union: The Sources and Limits of "Special Relationships" by Dr. Cynthia A. Roberts. The author examines the course of the Russian-EU relationship which will influence the extent to which Russia moves toward its proclaimed ambition of becoming a democracy. Additionally she considers how the relationship will affect the EU's capability to function effectively as a union of European states, possibly including Russia, and other European members of the CIS like Ukraine, Belarus, and Georgia.

Coming Soon
Colombia and the United States--The Partnership: But What Is the Endgame? by Ambassador Myles Frechette.

U.S. Interests in Central Asia and the Challenges to Them, by Dr. Stephen Blank.

Georgia after the Rose Revolution: Geopolitical Predicament and Implications for U.S. Policy, by Dr. Svante Cornell.

Globalization and Its Implications for the Defense Industrial Base, by Dr. Terrence Guay.

Political Warfare in Sub-Saharan Africa: U.S. Capabilities and Chinese Operations in Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa, by Dr. Donovan Chau.

Biodefense Research Supporting the DoD: A New Strategic Vision, by Colonel Colleen Martinez.

Gauging U.S.-Indian Strategic Cooperation, edited by Mr. Henry Sokolski.

Monthly Op-Ed
The Missing Debate, by COL (Ret) John R. Martin and Dr. Gordon Rudd.

Annual Strategy Conference
Global Security Challenges to U.S. Interests.
Join us for the XVIII Annual Strategy Conference from March 27-29 at the Army War College in Carlisle, PA as we identify and debate the most important potential security threats around the globe.

Visit the website for more information.

Online registration ends March 22!

Upcoming Events
The Evolution of U.S.-Turkish Relations in a Transatlantic Context
March 26, 2007 - Washington, DC

Global Security Challenges to U.S. Interests
March 27-29, 2007 - Carlisle, PA

The National Security Implications of Global Climate Change
March 30-31, 2007 - Durham, NC

The Role of Nuclear Weapons in Indo-Pakistani Crises
April 2-3, 2007 - Washington, DC

The Interagency Process in Support of Security Operations: The Integration and Alignment of Military and Civilian Roles and Missions
April 5-7, 2007 - College Station, Texas

Annual Western Hemisphere Security Colloquium
May 2-4, 2007 - Miami, FL

2nd Annual North American Security Colloquium
June 26-28 - Kingston, Ontario, Canada

News and Updates
On February 20, Dr. Steven Metz gave a presentation entitled "Dynamics of Modern Insurgency: The Role of Third and Fourth Forces" to the CIA-RAND Insurgency Board in Arlington, VA. This is part of his ongoing research which will be incorporated into a a forthcoming SSI study entitled "Reconceptualizing Insurgency."

On February 21, 2007, Dr. Andrew Terrill provided an interview to the Voice of America on Saudi Arabian-Iranian relations. Portions of this interview were used in a VOA Broadcast report, summarized in writing in Jela De Francechi, "Saudi Arabia and Iran Weigh Diplomacy."

Dr. Douglas Macdonald participated on a panel titled "The Lessons of Vietnam" at the conference "The New Vietnam War Revisionism: Implications and Lessons" at Williams College in Williamstown, MA.

On March 9, Dr. Douglas Johnson gave a walking tour of Carlisle Barracks, an AWC orientation, and a Gettysburg Staff Ride to a group of thirteen ROTC Cadets from Wheaton and associated colleges.

COL Joseph Nunez led a panel on Conflict and Transformation at the 9th Annual Society for Military and Strategic Studies Conference on War and Security, University of Calgary on March 3. COL Nunez also presented a paper on Regional and International Approaches to Failed States at Tufts University on March 4 as part of the 2007 Norris and Margery Bendetson EPIIC International Symposium, "Global Crises: Governance and Intervention."

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