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Research and Analysis
India in Africa: Implications of an Emerging Power for AFRICOM and U.S. Strategy, by Dr. J. Peter Pham. Little attention has been given to the fact that India is fast becoming one of Africa’s most important partners, not just in the economic realm but also in the political and security sectors. The author argues that, in the context of the broader U.S.-India strategic partnership as well as America’s specific interests in Africa, the United States should welcome India’s contributions to Africa, and engage with India on the African continent.

Civilian Skills for African Military Officers to Resolve the Infrastructure, Economic Development, and Stability Crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa, by Ms. Diane E. Chido. Military retirees in many African countries face uncertain futures. The author suggests that USAFRICOM should include robust engineering programs as a part of its training approach for the region, thereby providing valuable opportunities for retiring service members, improving civil-military relationships, and enhancing economic development and stability.

Reforming Military Command Arrangements: The Case of the Rapid Deployment Joint Task Force, by Mr. Henrik Bliddal. Our national security system turns our overall capabilities into active assets, protects us against the threats of an anarchic international system, and makes it possible to exploit its opportunities. Today, however, the system is arguably in dire need of reform.

A Continuation of Politics by Other Means: The "Politics" of a Peacekeeping Mission in Cambodia (1992-1993), by Mr. Boraden Nehm. The author addresses the UN Cambodian peacekeeping mission of 1992-93 with a fresh look at peacekeeping theory and doctrine. He provides a unique personal perspective to this rigorous academic study having lived in Cambodia as a child through some of the worst years of fighting and subsequent implementation of peace operations.

Articles of Interest
Profession of Arms Study Trust Review, by COL (R) Charles D. Allen.

Coming Soon
Russian Military Politics and Russia's 2010 Defense Doctrine, by Stephen J. Blank, ed.

An Evaluation of Counterinsurgency as a Strategy for Fighting the Long War, by LTC Baucum Fulk

Resolving Ethical Challenges in an Era of Persistent Conflict, by Tony Pfaff

The Military's Role in Counterterrorism: Examples and Implications for Liberal Democracies, by Geraint Hughes

Hard Power and Soft Power: The Utility of Military Force as an Instrument of Policy in the 21st Century, by Colin S. Gray

The European Campaign, Its Origins and Conduct, by Samuel J. Newland and Clayton K.S. Chun

Monthly Op-Ed
Should ROTC Return to the Ivy League? by LTC Ernest A. Szabo.

Upcoming Events
Post-heroic Warfare
March 22-23, 2011 - Oxford, United Kingdom

22nd Annual Strategy Conference
American Society and Its Profession of Arms

April 5-7, 2011 - Carlisle, PA
The conference website is now online.

The Changing Arctic: Sovereignty, Resources, and Security
June 13-15, 2011 - Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Conference Invitation
America and Its Profession of Arms: Is the Relationship Healthy? You are invited to be among hundreds of other participants debating this topic at the U.S. Army War College's XXII Annual Strategy Conference on April 5-7, 2011. The conference program, online registration, and details are all available on the American Society and Its Profession of Arms conference website.

News & Resources
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On February 14, SSI, the National Bureau for Asian Research (NBR), and U.S. Pacific Command (PACOM) hosted the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Conference Pacific 2011, "PLA Lessons Learned from Foreign Combat Operations," at the PACOM headquarters. Professor Lovelace served as Discussant for papers presented on lessons the PLA learned from the Kosovo Air Campaign and the Falklands Campaign. The following day, Dr. David Lai gave a presentation to the China Division of PACOM Joint Intelligence Operation Center (JIOC) on U.S.-China relations and the Chinese way of war.

On February 25, COL Louis Jordan and Dr. George Woods from the Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute (PKSOI) provided the office of Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) an update on the current ministerial development efforts in Afghanistan.

On February 27, Dr. Andrew Terrill interviewed with Andrea Murta for her article, “Analistas descartam al Qaeda na Libia (Analysts Dismiss al Qaeda in Libya)," Folha, de Sao Paulo (links to Portuguese-English translation). The Banner, the Carlisle Barracks newsletter, featured Dr. Terrill in the article, “SSI Researcher Explores Middle East Events as They Happen,” in the March edition of the newsletter.

On March 7, Dr. Steve Metz published, "Intervention: Four Options for U.S. Military Action in Libya," in The New Republic.

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