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New Publications
The United States and ASEAN-China Relations: All Quiet on the Southeast Asian Front, by Dr. Ian Storey. The author provides an overview of the development of relations between the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and the People’s Republic of China. He then explores the implications for the United States and, in particular, identifies the potential security challenges which might arise from this relationship.

The Eastern Dimension of America’s New European Allies, by Mr. Janusz Bugajski. This monograph contributes to a more comprehensive debate on the Wider Europe and how the United States and the European Union can more effectively shape a successful Eastern Dimension. The author provides recommendations for the United States, NATO allies, and EU institutions toward this end.

Transformation under Fire: A Historical Case Study with Modern Parallels, by Major Raymond Kimball. Proponents of “net-centric” and “fourth-generation” warfare have been arguing for specific force constructs to meet what they perceive to be the unique demands of a new type of war. Using a case study, the author argues that many temporary fixes can become permanent, defining institutions in a force, and that myopic fixation on one type of enemy can have disastrous results.

Coming Soon
Regional Threats and Security Strategy: The Troubling Case of Today’s Middle East, by Dr. James Russell.

A Combined Study: EAST ASIAN SECURITY: TWO VIEWS—The Security Challenges in Northeast Asia: A Chinese View, by Dr. Chu Shulong; and Security Challenges to the United States in Northeast Asia: Looking beyond the Transformation of the Six-Party Talks, by Dr. Gilbert Rozman

Sustaining the Peace after Civil War, by Dr. T. David Mason.

Force and Restraint in Strategic Deterrence: A Game-Theorist's Perspective, by Dr. Roger Myerson.

A Combined Study: RUSSIAN SECURITY STRATEGY UNDER PUTIN: U.S. AND RUSSIAN PERSPECTIVES—U.S. Interests in the New Eurasia, by Dr. R. Craig Nation, and Russia’s Threat Perception and Strategic Posture, by Dr. Dmitri Trenin.

Monthly Op-Ed
Working and Playing Well with Others: A Strategy-Policy Mismatch in Export Controls by LTC Charles H. "Chuck" Wilson.

Upcoming Events
Assuring the Quality of the United States Armed Forces
December 4, 2007 - Washington, DC

10th Annual Western Hemisphere Security Colloquium: Interagency and International Transformation for Cooperation
April 3-4, 2008 - Miami, FL
In preparation for this event, please read "Trans-American Security: What's Missing?" by Luigi R. Einaudi

XIX Annual Strategy Conference: "Rebalancing the Instruments of National Power"
April 8-10, 2008 - Carlisle, PA
Registration for this event will open in January.
Watch the intro video by Dr. Robin Dorff.
News and Updates
Dr. Antulio Echevarria presented a paper on "Wars of Ideas and The War of Ideas" at the Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society (IUS) Conference in Chicago on October 28.

Professor Douglas Lovelace served as a discussant on the Wrap-up Panel of the Concurrent Forum on U.S.-China Military to Military Relations at the George Bush U.S.-China Relations Conference in Washington, DC on October 24. The conference was sponsored by the Bush School of Government and Public Service of Texas A&M University and other organizations that share the Bush School's interest in U.S.-China relations. Professor Lovelace commented on Chinese and American presentations given throughout the day.

On October 29, LTC Raymond Millen gave an interview on Afghanistan security to an international relations class from State University of New York, Cortland. The students were interested in warlordism, corruption, and counter-narcotics.

On September 28, Dr. Sherifa Zuhur participated in a seminar of experts at the Berkeley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs on Iran and Israel.

Dr. Zuhur has published a book in Arabic, Asrar Asmahan, which will be released in the coming weeks in Beirut, Damascus, Baghdad, Nicosia and Cairo by Dar al-Mada.

Upcoming ERAP author, Dr. Roger Myerson, has won the Nobel Prize for Economics. His study, Force and Restraint in Strategic Deterrence: A Game-Theorist's Perspective will be published by SSI within the coming weeks.

The ERAP pre-solicitation notice is out. Potential authors should being the process of registering with CCR and Duns and Bradstreet.
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