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Research and Analysis
Arms Control and Proliferation Challenges to the Reset Policy, by Dr. Stephen J. Blank. What are the prospects for further progress in the reset policy with Russia regarding arms control and nuclear proliferation by North Korea and Iran? This monograph attempts to postulate where we are, and possibly where we should be going, or will be going, with respect to these issues.

Chinese Lessons from Other Peoples' Wars, by Dr. Andrew Scobell and Dr. David Lai, Mr. Roy Kamphausen. The 2010 People's Liberation Army (PLA) conference focused on lessons learned by the PLA from the military actions and experiences of non-Chinese armed forces throughout the past 30 years, which the PLA can can apply to its own strategic planning.

SSI Opportunities
The Academic Engagement Program request for proposals (RFP) is open. Scroll to the bottom of the announcement on and contact Mr. Karol to begin the process. Amendment #1 for the Academic Colloquia can be obtained from Mr. Karol. More about the Academic Engagement Program.

Coming Soon
Russian Nuclear Weapons, Past, Present, and Future, edited by Stephen J. Blank

Forecasting Zero: U.S. Nuclear History and the Low Probability of Disarmament, by Jonathan Pearl

The Strategic Logic of the Contemporary Security Dilemma, by Max Manwaring

The United States and China in Power Transition, by David Lai

Real Leadership and the U.S. Army: Overcoming a Failure of Imagination to Conduct Adaptive Work, by John B. Richardson

The Saudi-Iranian Rivalry and the Future of Middle East Security, by W. Andrew Terrill

Monthly Op-Ed
Where Have All the Army Generals Gone? by Dr. Leonard Wong.

Upcoming Events
XXIII USAWC Annual Strategy Conference
The Future of U.S. Grand Strategy in an Age of Austerity: Challenges and Opportunities
April 10-12, 2012 — Carlisle, PA
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News & Resources
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The U.S. Army War College's quarterly journal, Parameters, featured Dr. W. A. Terrill's book review of Osama bin Laden: A Biography, Dr. Stephen Blank's review of The Diffusion of Military Power, and Dr. Antulio Echevarria's review of A History of Air Warfare. Dr. Terrill's book, Global Security Watch: Jordan, received a positive book review by COL Robert E. Friedenberg.

On October 31, the Oneonta Daily Star quoted Dr. Andrew Terrill in the article, "No End in Sight for Two Arab Strongmen." On November 3, Reuters quoted Dr. Terrill in the article, "Analysis: Defections Test Assad's Ability to Sustain Crackdown."

Dr. Steven Metz wrote the chapter, "Insurgency," and Dr. Antulio Echevarria wrote the chapter, "Beyond Generations: Breaking the Cycle," in Conceptualising Modern War, edited by Karl Erik Haug and Ole Jørgen Maaø.

On October 17-19, SSI, Dickinson College, and the Naval War College conducted a three day workshop entitled "Tactical Nuclear Weapons and NATO" at Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA. During this event, senior academics and policymakers from NATO, the U.S. Army War College, the Naval War College, Germany, Russia, Italy, and the United Kingdom discussed the question of the role of tactical nuclear weapons as part of the ongoing NATO Deterrence and Defense Posture Review. The workshop considered how such weapons fit into both NATO and Russian military forces as well as what arms control approaches might be appropriate to deal with these systems in the aftermath of the ratification of the New START agreement. This issue will be central to the upcoming NATO Summit that will occur in May 2012 in Chicago.

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