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Research and Analysis
Conflict Management and Peacebuilding: Pillars of a New American Grand Strategy, by Dr. Volker C. Franke and Dr. Robert H. Dorff, eds.

NATO Missile Defense and the European Phased Adaptive Approach: The Implications of Burden-Sharing and the Underappreciated Role of the U.S. Army, by Mr. Steven J. Whitmore and Dr. John R. Deni.

Forging an American Grand Strategy: Securing a Path Through a Complex Future. Selected Presentations from a Symposium at the National Defense University, by Dr. Sheila R. Ronis, ed.

Changing Minds In The Army: Why It Is So Difficult and What To Do About It, Dr. Stephen J. Gerras and Dr. Leonard Wong.

Central Asia After 2014, by Dr. Stephen J. Blank, ed.

Reforming the Police in Post-Soviet States: Georgia and Kyrgyzstan, by Dr. Erica Marat.

Building Better Armies: An Insider’s Account of Liberia, by Dr. Sean McFate.

State Collapse, Insurgency, and Counterinsurgency: Lessons from Somalia, by J. Peter Pham.

What is Next for Mali? The Roots of Conflict and Challenges to Stability, by Dr. Dona J. Stewart

Washington’s Debt, Beijing’s Bubble, and the Discussion No One is Having, by Ian Button

Coming Soon
U.S. Governmental Information Operations and Strategic Communications: A Discredited Tool or User Failure? Implications for Future Conflict, by Dr. Steve Tatham

Politics and Economics in Putin’s Russia, by Stephen J. Blank, ed.

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SSI Opportunities
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Monthly Op-Ed
What Our Civilian Leaders Do Not Understand About the Ethic of Military Professions: A Striking Example of the Current Gap in Civil-Military Relations, by Dr. Don M. Snider

2013-2014 KSIL
The 2013-14 Key Strategic Issues List (KSIL) is now online. The purpose of the Key Strategic Issues List is to provide military and civilian researchers a ready reference for issues of special interest to the Department of the Army and the Department of Defense. Make sure to bookmark this link to stay up to date on any changes.

On November 18, Part II was updated

SSI is Going Digital
In an effort to maximize advances in technology and to continue to provide insightful and provocative research and analysis to the national security community while concurrently reducing costs, beginning on March 1, 2014, all SSI and USAWC Press Letort Papers will be published in a digital format only. Additionally, on October 1, 2014, all SSI and USAWC Press publications, to include books and monographs, will also only be published in a digital format. Hard copies will still be able to be purchased for a small free from the Government Printing Office (GPO).

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Online Ordering
If you would like to order any publication online, all ordering information is located on the right-hand side of the respective publication.

For out of stock publications, refer to the new GPO on-demand site. For a small fee, recieve many prior publications. Click here to visit.

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