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New Publications
Strategic Challenges for Counterinsurgency and the Global War on Terrorism, edited by Dr. Williamson Murray. This collection of essays was written by students enrolled in the Army War College's Advanced Strategic Art Program. The authors propose solutions to an array of complex challenges the United States faces in the 21st century.

North Korean Civil-Military Trends: Military-First Politics to a Point, by Mr. Ken Gause. This monograph examines the Korean People's Army's role within the power structure of North Korea. The author describes the military and security institutions that ensure the regime's security, then highlights the influential power brokers and describes how they fit into the leadership structure. Finally, he considers the KPA's role in regime politics, especially as it relates to the upcoming succession and economic reform.

News and Updates
Dr. Blank testified to U.S. Congressional Helsinki Commission on China and Central Asia, Sept. 26.

Dr. Metz has joined the RAND Corporation Insurgency Board.

Dr. Terrill continues service as an expert consultant to the congressionally mandated Iraq Study Group, chaired by former Secretary of State James Baker and former Congressman Lee Hamilton.

Dr. MacDonald recently completed a research trip to Southeast Asia which included first hand observation of the military coup in Thailand.

LTC Nate Freier's article, "Primacy Without a Plan?" appeared in Parameters (Autumn 2006).

COL (Ret) John R. Martin prepared a strategic analysis of Afghanistan and some broad lessons about coalition warfare there and elsewhere. The information will be used in a presentation to South African military leaders as they contemplate regional involvement in stability operations. Other SSI researchers also contributed, but LTC Ray Millen, who is currently serving in Afghanistan, provided the bulk of the information about the strategic landscape there.

COL (Ret) John R. Martin is working with Dr. Gordon Rudd (from the U.S. Marines' School of Advanced Warfighting at Quantico) on Dr. Rudd's book about post-hostilities operations in Iraq. The book takes advantage of their service in 2003 in Iraq with both ORHA (Office of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Affairs) and CPA (Coalition Provisional Authority). The project will cover the time from ORHA's establishment before the war in Iraq started to the demise of CPA in June 2004.

COL Joe Nunez is working on a monograph (SSI) about Mexico, and recently traveled to Colorado Springs (U.S. Northern Command) and Mexico City for research.

Monthly Op-Ed
Fashion Tips for the Field Grade, by Dr. Leonard Wong.

Upcoming Colloquia
Western Hemisphere Mini-Colloquium Series (Transnational Crime)
October 24, 2006 - Washington, DC

Western Hemisphere Mini-Colloquium Series (Colombia)
December 5, 2006 - Washington, DC

Western Hemisphere Mini-Colloquium Series (Mexico)
February 7, 2007 - Washington, DC

XVIII Annual Strategy Conference "Global Security Challenges to U.S. Interests"
March 27-29, 2007 - Carlisle, PA
The conference website will be released this month. Look for the announcement on our next newsletter.

Coming Soon
Shaping the PLA's Security Environment, edited by Dr. Andrew Scobell and Dr. Larry Wortzel.

Confronting the Unconventional: Innovation and Transformation in Military Affairs, by Dr. David Tucker.

Alliances and American National Security, by Dr. Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall.

China-ASEAN Relations: Perspectives, Prospects, and Implications for U.S. Interests, by Dr. Jing-dong Yuan.

Defense Transformation: To What, For What?, by Colonel Kevin Reynolds.

The NATO-Russia Partnership: A Marriage of Convenience or a Troubled Relationship? by Dr. Stephen Blank.

Employment Opportunity
Research Professor of National Security Affairs.
This is a United States Army War College civilian faculty position as provided under Title 10. The candidate will be expected to perform research and publish national security analyses ranging from concise reports to book-length projects valuable to senior Army, Department of Defense, and national leadership.
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