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New Publications
China-Russia Security Relations: Strategic Parallelism without Partnership or Passion, by Dr. Richard Weitz. In some cases, China and Russia share overlapping interests, while in others they compete for power and wealth. The author analyzes this relationship and finds that many factors, both domestic and foreign, will affect Sino-Russian ties. He suggests some proposals for U.S. policymakers to prepare to respond effectively should China-Russia relations evolve in ways that threaten core U.S. values and interests.

The American Military Advisor: Dealing with Senior Foreign Officials in the Islamic World, by Mr. Michael J. Metrinko. This is the first in a new series, PKSOI Papers, published jointly by PKSOI and SSI. This handbook is based on the experiences of both diplomats and the military officers whose duties mean daily interaction with senior foreign officials. The guide describes the preparations an advisor should make, illustrates the questions he should ask, and explains the political and cultural complexities that affect his mission.

U.S. Counterterrorism in Sub-Saharan Africa: Understanding Costs, Cultures, and Conflicts, by Dr. Conovan C. Chau. The struggle between the United States and its allies against terrorist groups and individuals motivated by Islamic extremism thrusts SSA forward as a front in the global conflict. The author assesses that a fundamental and dangerous misunderstanding of SSA may be leading U.S. policy astray, and recommends a new grand strategic approach to U.S. counterterrorism policy.

Coming Soon
The "People" in the PLA: Recruitment, Training, and Education in China's Military, edited by Mr. Roy Kamphausen, Dr. Andrew Scobell, and Mr. Travis Tanner. (View the foreword from this compilation)
Brookings is co-hosting a book launch on September 17; see the press release for more information.

The 2006 Lebanon Campaign and the Future of Warfare, by Dr. Stephen Biddle and Mr. Jeffrey A. Friedman.

Stability Operations and State Building: Continuities and Contingencies, edited by Colonel Joseph Kaufmann, USA-Ret.

Building Partner Capacity/Security Force Assistance: A New Structural Paradigm, by Colonel Scott Wuestner

U.S. Policy toward Peace Operations and Peacekeeping Capacity-building in Africa, by Mr. Eric Berman

A New Look
SSI has a new identity coming soon. "The 2006 Lebanon Campaign and the Future of Warfare," by Dr. Stephen Biddle and Mr. Jeffrey A. Friedman will feature the new cover and logo. The matching website design will follow in the coming months..

Monthly Op-Ed
The View from There by Dr. Sherifa Zuhur.

News and Updates
Dr. Stephen Blank published "Threats to and From Russia: a Reassessment" in the Journal of Slavic Military Studies. Dr. Blank also published "China As a Central Asian Power," in Bo Huldt, et al, editors, China Rising: Reactions, Assessments, and Strategic Consequences Stockholm: Swedish National Defense University, 2008.

Dr. Metz's book, Iraq and the Evolution of American Strategy, was published by Potomac Press.

On August 28, Drs. Douglas Johnson and Don Snider participated in a Gettysburg staff ride for a group of Congressional Staffers. The staff ride concluded at the USAWC with dinner with MG Robert M. Williams, Commandant.

Dr. Leonard Wong was requested by the Commanding General of Army Central Command (ARCENT) to assist his staff in developing as a team of strategic thinkers. Dr. Wong traveled with Dr. Stephen Gerras to Atlanta, GA, where they conducted a strategic leadership session with the Commanding General and his primary staff including a VTC link with the ARCENT staff in Kuwait.

COL Louis H. Jordan is the new Deputy Director of SSI. His previous assignments were commanding Joint Task Force Raven, the aviation task force for Operation Jump Start along the Southwest Border in Arizona, and Brigade Commander at the Western Army National Guard Aviation Training Site in Marana, AZ.

From August 10-13, 2008, Dr. Andy Terrill participated in a conference on "Arms Control and Security Improvements in the Middle East" held by the University of California's Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation in Ankara, Turkey.

LTC David Barsness is the new Director of National Security. His last assignment was as Reserve Army Attaché at the U.S. Defense Attaché's Office in Prague, Czech Republic. His areas of research expertise include Central and Eastern Europe, Caucasus Region; Joint/Interagency/Intergovernmental/Multinational Issues; and Military History.

Dr. Shelia Jager concluded her tenure as a visiting research professor. Dr. Cori Dauber from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will be joining us soon as our next visiting research professor.

Dr. David Lai joined SSI in August. His expertise is US-China relations, US-Asia relations, Chinese strategic thinking, and operational art. His previous assignment was in the International Security Studies Department at the U.S. Air War College.

Dr. Zuhur conducted research the UK, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Israel. She has been part of an analytical team sponsored by NATO on deradicalization and presented her research at the University of Birmingham. She also met with representatives and faculty from the Brixton Mosque prison project, University of Birmingham, the Center for the Study of Terrorism in London; Arabian Chevron, and ExxonMobil in Saudi Arabia; King Saud University, the Majlis al-Sha`b, PASSIA (Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs) in Jerusalem, the Islamic University in Nablus, and Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

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