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Join us as we discuss "A Nation at War" from April 11-13 at historic Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania. Former Secretary of Defense Dr. William Perry will give the keynote address.

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Some argue that the U.S. military is at war but the nation is not, or at least does not appear to notice that it is. This contrast in views has implications for both the conduct of military operations against hostile forces abroad and the maintenance of national security. This conference is open to all and the subject matter is appropriate for both military and academia.

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News and Updates
Dr. Terrill has been appointed as an expert advisor to a bipartisan Iraq Study Group at the U.S. Institute of Peace (USIP) under the leadership of former Secretary of State James Baker and former House Intelligence Committee Chair and 9/11 Commission Co-Chair Lee Hamilton.

Dr. Metz recently completed an article entitled "America's Defence Transformation: A Conceptual and Political History" for a forthcoming special issue of The Journal Defence Studies.

On March 28th, Dr. Blank spoke to the OSD/Joint Staff Eurasia/Balkans Policy and Strategy Conference in Washington, DC.

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A Nation at War - 17th Annual Strategy Conference
April 11-13, 2006 - Carlisle, PA (see above)

The United States and Russian- Regional Security Issues and Interests
April 24-26, 2006 - Washington, DC

The Other Special Relationship: The United States and Australia at the Start of the 21st Century (Part II of II)
July 3-5, 2006 - Canberra, Australia

Coming Soon
Counterterrorism in African Failed States: Challenges and Potential Solutions, by Colonel Thomas Dempsey.

Preventive War and Its Alternatives: The Lessons of History, by Dr. Dan Reiter.

The Proliferation Security Initiative as a New Paradigm for Peace and Security, by Dr. Mark Shulman.

The Power of Division and Unity, by Dr. Sherifa Zuhur.

New Publications
Information Operations: Putting the "I" Back into Dime, by Robert Steele. The author offers an overview of the operational and information challenges that face DoD, describes six "IO-heavy" mission areas, outlines a detailed strategic concept of operations, and ends with a requirements statement.

Kim Jong II and North Korea: The Leader and the System, by Dr. Andrew Scobell. North Korea is difficult for Americans to understand and analyze, beginning with confusion about what kind of political system the country has and what kind of man leads it. The author explores Pyongyang's political dynamics and sheds light on the North Korean political system and its leader.

Strategic Theory for the 21st Century: The Little Book on Big Strategy, by Dr. Harry R. Yarger. This Letort Paper discusses strategy at the highest levels of the nation-state. It applies to grand strategy, national security strategy, national military strategy, and regional or theater strategy. The author examines theory, exploring those aspects of strategy that appear to have universal application.

Iron Triokas: The New Threat from the East, by Dr. Richard J. Krickus. The author's analysis is driven by what he sees as the failure of the Western defense community to understand Russia's efforts to advance Moscow's security objectives in the East Baltic Sea Region (EBSR). He provides recommendations bearing on how this threat can be addressed by the U.S. military and the EBSR defense establishments.

CU @ the FOB: How the Forward Operating Base Is Changing the Life of Combat Soldiers, by Dr. Leonard Wong and Colonel Stephen Gerras. The Forward Operating Base (FOB) has become the mainstay of the U.S. presence in Iraq. The authors explore the facets of fighting from the FOB--pointing out both advantages and disadvantages--that may foster competition between the family and the Army for soldier time, commitment, loyalty, and energy.

Multilateral Constraints on the Use of Force: A Reassessment, by Dr. Seyom Brown. This monograph focuses on the future of NATO. The ability of Washington to obtain a Brussels imprimatur for U.S.-led multilateral military operations has become almost as hard as obtaining UN endorsement. This development portends an era of decreased U.S. deference to and reliance on established multilateral institutions and a decreased willingness to be bound by international treaties that can constrain U.S. flexibility in the development and execution of military power.

Planning for and Applying Military Force: An Examination of Terms, by LTG Paul K. Van Riper (USMC, Ret.). As Joint doctrine is undergoing some potentially major revisions, the author asks the doctrine community to step back from the process of change and take a hard look at the differences between the original concepts and proposed revisions.

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