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Strategic Insights
Mexico—New Directions, Continuity, and Obstacles in the Fight Against Transnational Organized Crime, by Dr. R. Evan Ellis

Hard Copy Online Ordering
If you have had difficulties placing an order over the past few weeks, we apologize as we have been updating our system. Please try to place your order again.

If you would like to order a hard copy of any publication, for those limited publications where hard copies are available, see the information located on the right-hand side of the publication's page. You may download a digital copy of the selected work free of charge. Free download links for three different digital formats are available on the specific publication's page as well.

For out of stock publications and our new digital only publications, refer to the new GPO on-demand site. For a small fee, receive many prior publications. Click here to visit.

You can access our ongoing podcast series "SSI Live" with our own Dr. John R. Deni. In locations as disparate as Syria, Mexico, and Ukraine, insurgencies of various sorts continue to unfold. In light of these and other conflicts and crises below the level of major interstate war, the subject of insurgency is a vitally important one for academics and practitioners alike. But how are scholars and policymakers grappling with the subject of insurgencies? What are the most likely or most significant threats that insurgency poses to U.S. security today? And, what more can or should the U.S. Government do to prepare to mitigate the threat of insurgency? Dr. Deni invited his colleague, Dr. Robert Bunker, to discuss Dr. Bunker's latest SSI monograph entitled, "Old and New Forms of Insurgency." Find this and all other podcasts here and be sure to subscribe.

2015 - 2016 KSIL
On August 7, 2015, the 2015-16 Key Strategic Issues List (KSIL) was released. The KSIL provides military and civilian researchers a ready reference for issues of special interest to the Department of the Army and the Department of Defense. Read here.

The 2015-16 WINTER issue of the U.S. Army War College Quarterly, Parameters, is here. Read this and all of the past articles and subscribe today.

SSI Opportunities
Refer to the Employment and Research Opportunities section of our website for updates on new employment opportunities.

The United States Army War College (Carlisle, PA) invites qualified scholars to apply for the position of (Assistant/Associate/Full) Professor of Middle East Security Studies, in the Strategic Studies Institute. This is a full-time, long-term, civilian faculty position at the United States Army's most senior institution for professional military education. Find all relevant information here.

Information for the 27th Annual Strategy Conference is now available. Click here to read today! And be sure to check back for updates.

If you missed any of the 26th Annual Strategy Conference or would just like to relive the experience, videos are available here on our YouTube page.
SSI Has Gone Digital
In order to leverage advancing technology more efficiently and to continue to provide insightful and provocative research and analysis to the national security community while reducing costs, on March 1, 2014, we began publising all SSI and USAWC Press Letort Papers in digital format only. Additionally, on October 1, 2014, we began publishing all SSI and USAWC Press works, to include books and monographs, only in digital format. You may now purchase hard copies for a small fee from the Government Printing Office (GPO).

Click here to visit the GPO site.

Research & Analysis
Coming Soon
Honduras: A Pariah State, or Innovative Solutions to Organized Crime Deserving U.S. Support? by R. Evan Ellis

Cyberspace: Malevolent Actors, Criminal Opportunities, and Strategic Competition, by Phil Williams and Dighton Fiddner

The Coming Perfect Storm of Europe, by LTC Michael A. Adelberg

Around the War College
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The faculty of the U.S. Army War College (USAWC) includes a carefully selected mix of men and women with deep experience in military and national security strategy. To provide a venue for their analysis of the challenges and best practices of strategic leadership and to make available to the students and faculty of USAWC and other institutions in the professional military educational system, the Strategic Studies Institute has created the "practitioners' corner."

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