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Monthly Op-Eds

Mar 2014Op-Ed: Balancing The Joint Force: Defense and Military Challenges Through 2020Dr. John R. Deni
Feb 2014Op-Ed: Not Your Grandfather's Insurgency — Criminal, Spiritual, and PlutocraticDr. Robert J. Bunker
Jan 2014Op-Ed: Between Conflicts: An Army Role That SticksProf. William G. Braun, III
Dec 2013Op-Ed: Will the Syrian Civil War Last 10 More Years?Dr. W. Andrew Terrill
Nov 2013Op-Ed: What Our Civilian Leaders Do Not Understand About the Ethic of Military Professions: A Striking Example of the Current Gap in Civil-Military RelationsDr. Don M. Snider
Oct 2013Op-Ed: Doubts on China's "New Model for Great Power Relationship"Dr. David Lai
Sep 2013Op-Ed: Is Strategy Really A Lost Art?Dr. Antulio J. Echevarria, II
Aug 2013Op-Ed: Reflections on "The China Threat"Prof. Neil J. Diamant
Jul 2013Op-Ed: The Army Should Embrace A2/ADDr. Alex Crowther
Jun 2013Op-Ed: Abraham Lincoln and the Obligations Of International LawProf. Matthew Pinsker
May 2013Op-Ed: Downsizing the Army ProfessionDr. Leonard Wong
Apr 2013Op-Ed: Developing A New Approach To Conventional Arms ControlDr. Jeffrey D. McCausland
Mar 2013Op-Ed: Drones Are Making A Difference In YemenDr. W. Andrew Terrill
Feb 2013Op-Ed: Thinking Inside A New Box: The Coming of the New Age of Mutualism; The End of AnotherCOL Louis H. Jordan, Jr
Jan 2013Op-Ed: The Need For A "Half-Pivot to the Americas"Dr. Robert J. Bunker
Dec 2012Op-Ed: Can Sanctions Be More Effective Than Military Action In Iran?Dr. W. Andrew Terrill
Nov 2012Op-Ed: Getting to the WinColonel Michael (Scott) S. Weaver
Oct 2012Op-Ed: The Romance of Great Powers in Northeast AsiaDr. David Lai
Sep 2012Op-Ed: Rethinking the American Way of War and the Role of LandpowerDr. Antulio J. Echevarria, II
Aug 2012Op-Ed: The New Security Reality: Not Business as UsualDr. Max G. Manwaring
Jul 2012Op-Ed: Fixing the Future Rather Than the PastDr. Jack A. LeCuyer
Jun 2012Op-Ed: Relearning WarDr. Stephen J. Blank
May 2012Op-Ed: Where Do We Go From Here?1COL Louis H. Jordan, Jr
Apr 2012Op-Ed: Heading Toward the NATO SummitDr. Jeffrey D. McCausland
Mar 2012Op-Ed: Zen and the Art of Social SelfishnessCOL Louis H. Jordan, Jr
Feb 2012Op-Ed: Weekend at Osama'sDr. Cori E. Dauber
Jan 2012Op-Ed: The Technology Avalanche and the Future of WarCOL Phillip R. Cuccia
Dec 2011Op-Ed: The West and the Durability and Problems of Monarchies in the Arab SpringDr. W. Andrew Terrill
Nov 2011Op-Ed: Where Have All the Army Generals Gone?Dr. Leonard Wong
Oct 2011Op-Ed: China's Aircraft Carrier: The Good, The Bad, And The UglyDr. David Lai
Aug 2011Op-Ed: The Criminals South of the Border: Lessons from MexicoDr. Max G. Manwaring
Jun 2011Op-Ed: U.S. Intelligence at a CrossroadsDr. Stephen J. Blank
May 2011Op-Ed: Conventional Arms Control and European SecurityDr. Jeffrey D. McCausland
Feb 2011Op-Ed: What If They Threw a War and…Mr. Lawrence Kaplan
Oct 2010Response to "America's Flawed Afghanistan Strategy"MAJ Peter A. Dvorscak
Oct 2010Final Response to "America's Flawed Afghanistan Strategy"Dr. Steven Metz
Apr 2011 Junior Leader Professional Development — Who Has the Time? Dr. Steven Metz
Mar 2011Should ROTC Return to the Ivy League? LTC Ernest A. Szabo
Feb 2011What if They Threw a War and... Mr. Lawrence Kaplan
Jan 2011Predictions, Observations, and the Free Lunch COL Louis H. Jordan, Jr
Dec 2010Strangely Silent: The Missing Strategic Debate in the 2010 Mid-Term Elections Dr. Robert H. Dorff
Nov 2010America's Most Committed Muslim Ally Dr. W. Andrew Terrill
Oct 2010The Coming of Chinese Hawks Dr. David Lai
Sep 2010Candidly, One Friend to Another Dr. Antulio J. Echevarria, II
Aug 2010America's Flawed Afghanistan Strategy Dr. Steven Metz
Jul 2010 Enter the Era of Persistent Competition for Talent COL Carolyn F. Kleiner
Jun 2010Wanted: A Strategy for the Black Sea Dr. Stephen J. Blank
May 2010Untangling a New Gordian Knot: Don't Ask, Don’t Tell, and Alexander’s Sword Professor Douglas C. Lovelace, Jr., Dr. Leonard Wong
Apr 2010The Goose and the Gander Dr. Cori E. Dauber
Mar 2010Foreign Policy Continuity: War Finds Us Mr. Lawrence Kaplan
Feb 2010A Death Knell for "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Professor John R. Martin
Jan 2010Something Brewing in Venezuela COL Phillip R. Cuccia
Dec 2009Resetting the Reset Button: Realism About Russia Dr. Stephen J. Blank
Nov 2009Army Football and Full Spectrum Operations Dr. Stephen J. Gerras
Oct 2009War's Second Grammar Dr. Antulio J. Echevarria, II
Sep 2009National Security Strategy Reform: Rebalancing the President's Agenda Dr. Robert H. Dorff
Aug 2009The Role of Cuban Paramilitary Organizations (People's Militias) in the Post-Castro Era Dr. Max G. Manwaring
Jul 2009Pakistan - The Most Dangerous Place in the World Dr. Larry P. Goodson
Jun 2009China's Maritime Quest Dr. David Lai
May 2009Preventing Iraq from Slipping Back into Sectarian Chaos Dr. W. Andrew Terrill
Apr 2009Drug Trafficking, Violence, and the State in Mexico Dr. Phil Williams
Mar 2009Training for the “Political” War COL Louis H. Jordan, Jr
Feb 2009Kiss the Embargo Goodbye Dr. Alex Crowther
Jan 2009The Army's Ethic Suffers under its Retired Generals Dr. Don M. Snider
Dec 2008Russia Challenges the Obama Administration Dr. Stephen J. Blank
Nov 2008Living Perilously in a Bubble Dr. Leonard Wong
Oct 2008Dueling Natures Dr. Antulio J. Echevarria, II
Sep 2008The View from There Dr. Sherifa D. Zuhur
Aug 2008Real Change or Retrenchment? Dr. Douglas V. Johnson, II
Jul 2008Expand the U.S. Military? Not So Fast Dr. Steven Metz
Jun 2008Chavez - The Beginning of the End Dr. Alex Crowther
May 2008The Second Berlin Wall LTC Raymond A. Millen
Apr 2008The Strategy Deficit Mr. Nathan P. Freier
Mar 2008After Fidel, The Deluge? Dr. Alex Crowther
Feb 2008Deterrence, Missile Defense, and Collateral Damage in the Iranian-Israeli Strategic Relationship Dr. W. Andrew Terrill
Jan 2008Intrepidity . . . And Character Development within the Army Profession Dr. Don M. Snider
Dec 2007Is it Time to Mandate Volunteerism? Dr. Leonard Wong
Nov 2007Working and Playing Well with Others: A Strategy-Policy Mismatch in Export Controls LTC Charles H. Wilson
Oct 2007The Summit: Mirage or Milestone? Dr. Sherifa D. Zuhur
Sep 2007Grunts and Jarheads: Rethinking the Army-Marine Division of Labor Dr. Steven Metz
Aug 2007Can Tony Blair Make a Difference in the Middle East? Dr. W. Andrew Terrill
Jun 2007Treating Allies as Allies in the Arab World Dr. W. Andrew Terrill
Jun 2007Knowing when to Salute Professor Douglas C. Lovelace, Jr., Dr. Leonard Wong
May 2007Manning the Force Dr. Douglas V. Johnson, II
Apr 2007From Munich to Munich Dr. Stephen J. Blank
Mar 2007The Missing Debate Professor John R. Martin, Dr. Gordon Rudd
Feb 2007In Defense of Rational Risk Assessment Mr. Nathan P. Freier
Jan 2007Negotiating with Iran and Syria over Iraq Dr. W. Andrew Terrill
Dec 2006Iraqi Security Forces and Lessons from Korea Dr. Sheila Miyoshi Jager
Nov 2006Transformation's Uncontested Truths Dr. Antulio J. Echevarria, II
Oct 2006Fashion Tips for the Field Grade Dr. Leonard Wong
Sep 2006"What If?" -- A Most Impertinent Question Indeed Mr. Nathan P. Freier
Aug 2006Doctrine that Works Dr. Douglas V. Johnson, II
Jul 2006Canadian Defense Policy--A breath of Fresh Air Dr. Alex Crowther
Jun 2006Value Projection and American Foreign Policy Dr. Douglas J. Macdonald
May 2006Is Eurasia's Security Order at Risk? Dr. Stephen J. Blank
Dec 2005Why the Teachers? Dr. Douglas J. Macdonald
Nov 2005The Danger of Seeking Permanent U.S. Military Bases in Iraq Dr. W. Andrew Terrill
Oct 2005The High Cost of Primacy Mr. Nathan P. Freier
Sep 2005Honoring, Not Pitying, Our Troops Dr. Leonard Wong
Aug 2005Implications of DoD Directive 3000 Dr. Douglas V. Johnson, II
Jul 2005Gangs, "Coups D' Streets," and the New War in Central America Dr. Max G. Manwaring
Jun 2005Welcome Iran and North Korea to the Nuclear Club: You're Targeted LTC Raymond A. Millen
May 2005The International Community and Haiti: A Proposal for Cooperative Sovereignty Dr. Gabriel Marcella
Apr 2005The New RC: Will it Please Anyone? Dr. Dallas D. Owens
Apr 2005The Power of Division and Unity Dr. Sherifa D. Zuhur
Mar 2005Seizing the Day: Resolution in and around the Black Sea Dr. Stephen J. Blank
Mar 2005The Return of the Latin American Left Dr. Alex Crowther
Feb 2005Is there a Positive Side to Al Jazeera? Dr. W. Andrew Terrill
Feb 2005The Problem with Fourth-Generation War Dr. Antulio J. Echevarria, II
Jan 2005It's Asia (Again) Dr. Andrew Scobell
Dec 2004The Paradox of Civil War Dr. Stephen D. Biddle
Nov 2004Unlearning Counterinsurgency Dr. Steven Metz
Oct 2004Confronting an Irregular and Catastrophic Future Mr. Nathan P. Freier
Sep 2004Uncomfortable Questions Regarding the inevitable Succession of Power in Cuba Dr. Max G. Manwaring
Aug 2004Is it all about Winning? Dr. Dallas D. Owens
Jul 2004Strategic Ends in the Middle East LTC Raymond A. Millen
May 2004Fighting Insurgents--No Shortcuts to Success Dr. James S. Corum
Mar 2004Debating Ends, not Just Means, in the War on Terror Dr. Stephen D. Biddle
Feb 2004Toward a New U.S. Strategy in Asia Dr. Stephen J. Blank
Jan 2004An American Way of War or a Way of Battle? Dr. Antulio J. Echevarria, II
Dec 2003The Trajectory of Security Transformation Dr. Steven Metz
Nov 2003Expanding the Use of State Defense Forces in Homeland Defense Missions LTC Brent C. Bankus
Oct 2003What should be Believed about Progress in Iraq? Professor John R. Martin
Sep 2003Keep the Reserves in the Fight COL James R. Pullen
Aug 2003The Need for a United Nations' Security Role in Iraq Dr. W. Andrew Terrill
Feb 2003Why Saddam will not Choose Exile Dr. W. Andrew Terrill
Nov 2002Saddam's Strategy: No To Nuclear Weapons; Yes To Biologicals Dr. W. Andrew Terrill