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Practitioners' Corner

The faculty of the US Army War College includes a carefully selected mix of men and women with deep experience in military and national security strategy. To provide a venue for their analysis of the challenges and best practices of strategic leadership and make it available to the students and faculty of USAWC and other institutions in the professional military educational system, the Strategic Studies Institute has created this "practitioners' corner."

The works included here are working papers. Their ideas are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the U.S. Army or U.S. Army War College.


Title Authors/Editors Online Date
Leading Change in Military Organizations: Experiential Activity Book Dr. Thomas P. Galvin May 28, 2019
Strategic Leadership: Primer for Senior Leaders, 4th Edition Dr. Thomas P. Galvin and Dale E. Watson April 8, 2019
Communication Campaigning: Primer for Senior Leaders Dr. Thomas P. Galvin February 1, 2019


Title Authors/Editors Online Date
Campaign Planning Handbook COL Mark Haseman October 19, 2018
Leading Change in Military Organizations: Primer for Senior Leaders Dr Thomas P. Galvin September 14, 2018
Defense Management: Primer for Senior Leaders Dr Thomas P. Galvin May 16, 2018


Title Authors/Editors Online Date
Education Curricula Partnership for Peace Consortium February 8, 2016


Title Authors/Editors Online Date
2015 - 2016 How The Army Runs Louis G. Yuengert December 15, 2015
Beyond Kotter's Leading Change: A Broad Perspective on Organizational Change for Senior U.S. Military Leaders Dr. Thomas P. Galvin , Ed.D. and LtCol Lance D. Clark, USAF August 11, 2015
Military Preparedness Dr. Thomas P. Galvin , Ed.D. September 30, 2015
United States Army War College Strategic Wargaming Series Handbook James Markley August 25, 2015