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Plan Colombia: The Strategic and Operational Imperatives

Authored by Dr. Gabriel Marcella.

Plan Colombia: The Strategic a... Cover Image
  • Added April 01, 2001
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  • 34 Pages
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Brief Synopsis

The United States is committed to helping Colombia fight its struggle against the violence and corruption engendered by the traffic in narcotics. This report examines the strategic theory within Plan Colombia, the master plan which the government of Colombia developed to strengthen democracy through peace, security, and economic development. The author argues that the United States and the international community must support this beleaguered nation. He cautions, however, that the main responsibility for success lies with the Colombians. They must mobilize the national resources and make the sacrifices to win back the country from the narco-traffickers, the insurgents, and the paramilitaries. To that end, Plan Colombia is a well-conceived strategy that must be sustained for the long term.

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