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Dr. David Jablonsky

External Researcher

DR. DAVID JABLONSKY is the Professor of National Security Affairs, Department of National Security and Strategy, U.S. Army War College. A graduate of Dartmouth College, Kansas University and Boston University, Dr. Jablonsky is the author of four books dealing with European history and international relations. He is a retired infantry colonel who has held the Elihu Root Chair of Strategy and the George C. Marshall Chair of Military Studies at the U.S. Army War College.

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SSI books and monographs by Dr. David Jablonsky

  • U.S. National Security: Beyond the Cold War

    July 01, 1997

    Authored by AMB Robert Ellsworth, Dr. David Jablonsky, Prof. Ronald Steel, Dr. Morton H. Halperin, Dr. Lawrence Korb.
    U.S. national security is a subject that has been under intense scrutiny since the end of the Cold War. What constitutes such security for the United States as this country approaches the new century? Are the ends, ways, and means of our national security and national military strategies sufficient to provide for the nation's future? And above all, as this country celebrates the 50th anniversary of the National Security Act of 1947, are the institutions that resulted from that act still sufficient for the post-Cold War era?

  • Time's Cycle and National Military Strategy: The Case for Continuity in a Time of Change

    June 01, 1995

    Authored by Dr. David Jablonsky.
    Every April the Army War College's Strategic Studies Institute hosts its Annual Strategy Conference. This year's theme, "Strategy During the Lean Years: Learning from the Past and the Present," brought together scholars, serving and retired officers, and civilian defense officials from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom to discuss strategy formulation during times of penury from Tacitus to Force XXI.

  • The Owl of Minerva Flies at Twilight: Doctrinal Change and Continuity and the Revolution in Military Affairs

    May 01, 1994

    Authored by Dr. David Jablonsky.
    Revolutions in military affairs have never been strictly military phenomena. Social and political transformations in the past have also been major and often catalytic ingredients of such revolutions.

  • Paradigm Lost?: Transitions and the Search for a New World Order

    July 01, 1993

    Authored by Dr. David Jablonsky.
    After every momentous event, there is usually a transition period, in which participants in the events, whether individuals or nation-states, attempt to chart their way into an unfamiliar future. In the United States in this century, there are three such transitions, each focused on America's role in the international arena.