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Dr. Carolyn Pumphrey

External Researcher

Dr. Carolyn W. Pumphrey has served as Program Coordinator for the Triangle Institute for Security Studies (TISS) since 2000 and also teaches history at North Carolina State University (NCSU). Over the last 13 years, she has organized over 30 conferences and workshops for TISS. From 1997-2000, she was a Post-Doctoral Fellow for the TISS and, between 1986 and 1992, she was an Assistant Professor of History at Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama. Dr. Pumphrey has taught a wide range of courses, including the “History of Restraints on War,” “War and Peace in Ancient and Medieval Times,” “Medieval Warfare,” and “In War and Peace: Christian and Muslim Relations in the Middle Ages.” She has edited four books, Transnational Threats: Blending Law Enforcement and Military Strategies (2000); The Rise of China: Security Implications (2002); (with Rye Schwartz-Barcott), Armed Conflict in Africa (2003); and Global Climate Change: National Security Implications (2008). Dr. Pumphrey holds a B.A. in literature and history from the University of York, England, and a Ph.D. in history from Duke University, where she was the Medieval and Renaissance Studies Fellow (1978-81).

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SSI books and monographs by Dr. Carolyn Pumphrey

  • The Energy and Security Nexus: A Strategic Dilemma

    November 23, 2012

    Edited by Dr. Carolyn Pumphrey.
    It is hard to overstate the importance of energy. Energy literally drives the global economy. Without question, the links between energy and security are significant, but how so? This book explores the connections between energy and security (human, national, and international) and provides considerable discussion on how best to resolve this strategic dilemma.

  • Global Climate Change National Security Implications

    May 01, 2008

    Edited by Dr. Carolyn Pumphrey.
    Contributors to this volume agree that climate change is a threat deserving of serious attention. They stress the need for greater planning and coordination and for further research as well as the utility of engagement—military to military and state to state—on environmental issues. They differ as to whether the Armed Forces should play a leading or supporting role, but agree that they can—and already do—make a valuable contribution.

  • The Rise of China in Asia: Security Implications

    January 01, 2002

    Edited by Dr. Carolyn Pumphrey.
    Sections of the book address China as a rising power, China as a security threat, the other Asian powers in relation to China, the flashpoints in East and South Asia, and Sino-American relations.

  • Transnational Threats: Blending Law Enforcement and Military Strategies

    November 01, 2000

    Edited by Dr. Carolyn Pumphrey.
    On February 2-3, 2000, the U.S. Army War College, the Triangle Institute for Security Studies, and the Duke University Center for Law, Ethics, and National Security co-sponsored a conference in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The conference examined transnational threats, including terrorism involving weapons of mass destruction, cyber threats to the national infrastructure, and international organized crime.