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Dr. Sherifa D. Zuhur

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Area(s) of Expertise: Middle Eastern politics, Islamic world, fundamentalism/political Islam

Photo Dr. Zuhur has lectured and held faculty positions in three countries. These included positions at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of California, Berkeley, UCLA, and the American University in Cairo. Dr. Zuhur's research includes Islamic movements, war and peace in the Middle East, modern Middle Eastern politics, Islamic political and religious philosophy, and social and cultural developments. Dr. Zuhur has published on the emergence of Islamist terrorist movements, the insurgency and intersectarian conflict in Iraq, Shi'a influence in the Middle East, the Islamic state in Iran, Islamic warfare and the new jihad, the security situation in a changing Saudi Arabia, democratization, security and nationalism in the Middle East. She has intensively studied Islamist movements and interviewed their membership and leaders since 1980 when she was a graduate student in Egypt and this work formed the basis of her first book. She is a published author of ten books and monographs, and more than 47 journal articles and book chapters. Dr. Zuhur holds B.A. degrees in Political Science and Arabic and Arabic Literature, a Master's in Islamic Studies, and a Ph.D. in Middle Eastern History, all from UCLA. She also completed the Master's level coursework in political science at the American University in Cairo.

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SSI books and monographs by Dr. Sherifa D. Zuhur

  • HAMAS and Israel: Conflicting Strategies of Group-Based Politics

    December 23, 2008

    Authored by Dr. Sherifa D. Zuhur.
    The changing fortunes of the Palestinian movement, HAMAS, and the recent outcomes of Israeli strategies aimed against this group and Palestinian nationalism external to the Fatah faction of the Palestinian Authority are discussed. The example of HAMAS challenges much of the current wisdom on “insurgencies” and their containment. Efforts have been made to separate HAMAS from its popular support and network of social and charitable organizations.

  • Precision in the Global War on Terror: Inciting Muslims through the War of Ideas

    April 18, 2008

    Authored by Dr. Sherifa D. Zuhur.
    This monograph identifies a set of approaches to Muslim beliefs and institutions that pathologize these important issues. The author contends that this pathologizing impulse may be beneficial in rallying Americans to the defense of their nation, but it might impede the international cooperation necessary to that endeavor. She also aims to educate the reader about the value inherent in particular concepts that could be controversial but are part of Muslims' historical legacy.

  • Egypt: Security, Political, and Islamist Challenges

    October 01, 2007

    Authored by Dr. Sherifa D. Zuhur.
    Contemporary Egypt evidences severe failures of governance and political and economic development. Along with the continued strength of moderate Islamists and violent outbursts of radical Islamists, the pressing need for democratization has been set back by the "emergency" procedures used by the government to control security.

  • Iraq, Women's Empowerment and Public Policy

    January 16, 2007

    Authored by Dr. Sherifa D. Zuhur.
    The role and experience of women is not always considered in wartime or during stabilization and reconstruction operations. The author examines some of the difficulties that attend policy formulation on women in Iraq.

  • Iran, Iraq, and the United States: The New Triangle's Impact on Sectarianism and the Nuclear Threat

    November 28, 2006

    Authored by Dr. Sherifa D. Zuhur.
    This monograph considers the issues of Iranian influence in Iraq, and its impact on continuing sectarian violence there. The situation has been further complicated by the post-2003 change in the Iraqi Shi'a community’s status, Iran’s development of a nuclear program, and international efforts to contain that program.

  • A Hundred Osamas: Islamist Threats and the Future of Counterinsurgency

    January 01, 2006

    Authored by Dr. Sherifa D. Zuhur.
    Has the Global War on Terror extinguished Islamic terrorism or given rise to a "hundred Osamas"? The discourse and strategies of the "new jihad" have evolved over three decades, and more finely honed counterstrategies and a better understanding of the ongoing Islamic revival are needed to defeat these enemies.

  • Saudi Arabia: Islamic Threat, Political Reform, and the Global War on Terror

    March 01, 2005

    Authored by Dr. Sherifa D. Zuhur.
    What should the United States do about Saudi Arabia? What is the best course for strategic cooperation with Saudi Arabia in light of Islamic extremism in the Kingdom, and calls for political and religious reform?

  • Islamic Rulings on Warfare

    November 01, 2004

    Authored by Dr. Sherifa D. Zuhur, LTCDR Youssef H Aboul-Enein.
    Why do Muslims claim that beheadings, hostage-taking, and suicide attacks are un-Islamic? If key Islamic texts argue for proper conduct in war, why are they being misinterpreted?

SSI articles, editorial, and briefs by Dr. Sherifa D. Zuhur