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Captain USN John M Sanford

U.S. Navy Captain John M. Sanford is a 2006 graduate of the U.S. Army War College where his Strategic Research Paper, “The Korean Armistice: Short Term Truce or Long Term Peace” was awarded the Commandant’s Award for Distinction in Research. He is a 30+-year Navy veteran, having served three tours in Korea (U.S. Forces, Korea; Combined Forces Command, Korea; and as the U.S. Naval Attaché in Seoul) as well as in U.S. Seventh Amphibious Forces, Pacific, and the Fleet Intelligence Center, Pacific. Captain Sanford’s operational assignments include being deployed with the Electron Warfare Squadron One Three One, USS Independence (CV-62), USS Ranger (CV-61), and USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) in various naval intelligence roles. He has been involved in Operations DESERT THUNDER, SOUTHERN WATCH, and ENDURING FREEDOM-PHILIPPINES. Captain Sanford holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business from Chaminade University as well as a Master’s of Strategic Studies.

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SSI books and monographs by Captain USN John M Sanford

  • North Korea's Military Threat: Pyongyang's Conventional Forces, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and Ballistic Missiles

    April 27, 2007

    Authored by Dr. Andrew Scobell, Captain USN John M Sanford.
    Although North Korea remains an economic basket case that cannot feed and clothe its own people, it nevertheless possesses one of the world’s largest armed forces. Whether measured in terms of the total number of personnel in uniform, numbers of special operations soldiers, the size of its submarine fleet, quantity of ballistic missiles in its arsenal, or its substantial Weapons of Mass Destruction programs, Pyongyang is a major military power. North Korea’s latest act to demonstrate its might was the nuclear test on October 9, 2006.