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Dr. Daniel A. Pinkston

Dr. Daniel A. Pinkston is a senior analyst for the International Crisis Group (ICG) in Seoul, South Korea. Prior to joining ICG in September 2007, he was the Director of the East Asia Nonproliferation Program at the Monterey Institute’s James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies. Dr. Pinkston has held a variety of research and teaching positions at the Monterey Institute of International Studies; the Naval Postgraduate School; the University of California, San Diego; and Korea University. He also served as a Korean linguist in the United States Air Force. His publications have appeared in Asian Perspective, Astropolitics, The Journal of East Asian Studies, The Korea Journal of Defense Analysis, The KNDU Review, The Nonproliferation Review, and Survival, as well as several edited volumes. Dr. Pinkston holds an M.A. in Korean Studies from Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea; and a Ph.D. in International Affairs from the University of California, San Diego.

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SSI books and monographs by Dr. Daniel A. Pinkston

  • The North Korean Ballistic Missile Program

    February 25, 2008

    Authored by Dr. Daniel A. Pinkston.
    North Korea has never officially abandoned its objective of “completing the revolution in the south” and has continued an alarming military buildup. The ballistic missile inventory now totals about 800 road-mobile missiles, including about 200 Nodong missiles that could strike Japan.