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Major General Aleksandr V. Rogovoy

ALEKSANDR V. ROGOVOY is a professor at the Russian Armed Forces’ General Staff Military Academy (VAGSh), where he teaches on the Military Art faculty. He spent his conscript service in the Soviet Army in Germany, where, in addition to his normal duties, he was detailed to guard Rudolf Hess in Spandau Prison, Berlin. Selected for officer training, he graduated from the Higher Combined-Arms Command Academy in 1976 and returned to command positions in Germany. From 1981-84, Major General Rogovoy attended the Frunze Military Academy, before continuing to more senior command positions in combined-arms units in the Kola Peninsula, Mongolia, Germany, and Moscow Military District. After completing VAGSh in 1995-97, Rogovoy commanded the “Special Division” of the Far Eastern Military District. In 2003, Major General Rogovoy joined the staff of VAGSh as a senior lecturer and was appointed Professor in 2010. He now combines teaching with academic research and practical involvement in the development of the Russian armed forces, including contributing to the drafting of the 2014 Military Doctrine of the Russian Federation. Work already published or in preparation for the Russian armed forces includes the monographs “Preparation and Conduct of Peace Enforcement Operations,” “Preparation and Conduct of Peace Support Operations,” and “The Russian Approach to Counter-Terrorism.” Each of these projects draws on his extensive operational experience, both within Russia and in a number of countries in Russia’s near abroad, the Middle East and North Africa. Major General Rogovoy has taken part in a number of international cooperation projects on behalf of VAGSh, including repeated visits to the NATO School Oberammergau, NATO Defense College Rome, and the U.S. National Defense University.

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SSI books and monographs by Major General Aleksandr V. Rogovoy

  • A Russian View on Landpower

    April 09, 2015

    Authored by Major General Aleksandr V. Rogovoy, Mr. Keir Giles.
    View the Executive Summary

    In a time of rapid change for the U.S. Army, it is essential to retain awareness of how potential adversaries are also developing their concepts of Landpower. This Letort Paper lays out an authoritative Russian view on the importance of substantial conventional land forces—a view which U.S. force planners should study closely.