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The US Army War College Press (the Press) has two product lines: The US Army War College Quarterly Journal, Parameters, and scholarly monographs. In order to be considered for publication with the Press, submissions must address issues of strategic relevance to US Army and/or Department of Defense leaders and must include actionable strategic or policy recommendations. All submissions must exhibit the highest standards of research and scholarship, avoid jargon, and be written in a language accessible to busy policymakers and senior decisionmakers.

Submission Requirements:

    1. An abstract of approximately 200 words that must include the following information:

(a) What is the thesis/main argument of the piece in one sentence?

(b) How does this piece differ from what has already been published on the topic?

(c) What methodology and sources are/will be used?

(d) Why will this piece be of interest or useful to the readers of the USAWC Press, who are mainly policy and military practitioners?


(a) This manuscript argues American military strategy has been more successful historically than contemporary critics admit. (b) This submission differs from most scholarship on the topic which sees present-day US strategic failures as deeply rooted in a faulty, or even nonexistent, strategic culture.  (c) In terms of methodology, this manuscript is an historical analysis of more than two dozen twentieth-century US military interventions, and it assesses the extent to which US policy objectives were achieved.  (d) This study’s conclusions will assist US military and policy practitioners in discerning the merits and demerits of future American military strategies more accurately.

Please submit abstracts to:

  1. Contact information and CV: Please include the author(s) full name(s), email address(es), and phone number(s) and an updated CV containing educational background and current employment and/or research efforts and interests.
  2. Tables/Graphics (if applicable): Tables must be included in the body of the Word document. Charts and graphs must be submitted in Excel. Photos must be provided as .jpg images. Identify the desired location of the graphic (by using “insert” along with the file name of the graphic).

Information specific to manuscripts for potential publication as monographs:

  1. Executive Summary, Foreword, and Synopsis: Please provide the following: an 800-word executive summary with no directly quoted material, footnotes, images, or tables, which will also serve as a standalone document on the website; a 300-word foreword that will be signed by the Strategic Studies Institute (SSI) director upon final approval of the publication; and, a 300- to 500-word synopsis that will follow the foreword in the monograph.
  2. Web requirements: Please provide the following: a 50-word teaser that will display with the cover image of the publication on the SSI website and provide a potential reader with a reason to explore the work; and a 200-word synopsis that expands upon the 50-word teaser that will display on the webpage for the publication.
  3. Author biographical information: Please provide the following: a short paragraph with biographical information—300 words; avoid using bullets and acronyms.
  4. Human Subject Research Determination: If the manuscript involves data collection from, or about, living humans, prior to submission the author must provide a Human Subject Determination Form to the USAWC Human Subject Research Representative.  The form must indicate whether the research in question required review by an Institutional Review Board, and if so show proper documentation regarding the Board’s determination.

Formatting, Style, Content, and Public Release Standards:


  1. Length: The preferred length for articles for Parameters is 5,000 words. Special commentaries should not exceed 3,000 words and the preferred length for book reviews is 800 words. Submissions exceeding these word counts will be edited to the desired word count. Accordingly, the Press advises authors to adhere to the stated word counts so as to retain author’s voice and reduce overall editing time. Monographs must not exceed 15,000 words of main text, including footnotes, or 20,000 words total when the Executive Summary and Foreword are included (both of which are mandatory). Longer manuscripts will require the special approval of the Strategic Studies Institute director and the USAWC Press editor-in-chief before being considered for publication. See our Quick Guide here.
  2. Formatting and style: The USAWC uses the most recent edition of Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) as its formatting and style standard. Submissions must be emailed as Microsoft Word documents or they will be returned. Tables, charts, graphs, or photographs are welcome, but must contribute substantively to the text. If any table, chart, graph, or photograph has been previously published, written permission from the copyright holder to republish the content must be included with the submission.
  3. Permission to Publish and Public Affairs Office (PAO) Release: Upon a decision to publish an article or monograph, the Press will contact the author with release forms and, if appropriate, Army PAO clearance forms. NOTE: US Government employees must obtain PAO clearance from their organizations and submit written evidence of same to the Press before the manuscript can be published.

Insights into the Process:


Submissions will undergo a double-blind review by the Parameters Editorial Board (articles) or the Press Acquisitions Review Board (monographs). Reviewers will assess the content, scholarship, and relevance to the Department of Defense of the submission and will either recommend publication with minor or major revisions or recommend declining the submission. A review may take as long as eight weeks. The editor-in-chief makes the final decision regarding if and when to publish articles in Parameters and the SSI director makes the final publication decision regarding all scholarly monographs.

Publication priorities for Parameters and monographs are set by Press leadership and may change with little or no warning due to the needs of the USAWC, the US Army, or the Department of Defense. Further, each submission is unique and some require more editorial or graphic work than others. The Press is, however, committed to moving submissions through the publication process as quickly and efficiently as possible. In all cases, it is in the interest of the author to provide a submission that meets Press standards and requirements.

Authors may contact the press at any time with questions or concerns at

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