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Publications Tagged: Haiti

Haiti Update... Cover Image
Added January 01, 1997
Haiti Update. Authored by Dr. Donald E. Schulz.
Captures the emerging situation in Haiti after the humanitarian intervention of the United States and the United Nations since 1994. Speculates about the difficult prospects for democracy within Haiti's destructive climate of violence and counter-violence.
Whither Haiti?... Cover Image
Added April 01, 1996
Whither Haiti? Authored by Dr. Donald E. Schulz.
Haiti is unlikely to make a successful transition to a secure, democratic, and economically modernizing nation unless it receives major support from foreign donors. Tactical success achieved so far could turn into strategic failure. Policy recommendations included.
Haiti Strategy: Control, Legitimacy, Sovereignty, ... Cover Image
Added October 01, 1994
Haiti Strategy: Control, Legitimacy, Sovereignty, Rule of Law, Handoffs, and Exit. Authored by Dr. Gabriel Marcella.
Author argues that the United States work to achieve limited objectives after entering Haiti with military force. The strategy should emphasize humanitarian assistance rather the open-ended goal of the restoration of democracy. This is the best hope fro success and dignified exit.
Reconciling the irreconcilable: The Troubled Outlo... Cover Image
Added March 01, 1994
Reconciling the irreconcilable: The Troubled Outlook for U.S. Policy toward Haiti. Authored by Dr. Gabriel Marcella, Dr. Donald E. Schulz.
Paper analyzes the complex nature of Haiti's internal crisis and the nature of conflict within a culture of violence, the nation's difficult history, Haiti's relationship with the United States, and the difficult choices available to policy-makers. The United States must carefully balance doing too much and too little for Haiti's worsening situation.