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Publications Tagged: Partnership for Peace

Pax NATO: The Opportunities of Enlargement... Cover Image
Added August 01, 2002
Pax NATO: The Opportunities of Enlargement. Authored by LTC Raymond A. Millen.
The process of NATO enlargement has served to harmonize Central and Eastern Europe with Western Europe in a remarkable manner. That achievement alone has made enlargement worthwhile. Beyond the next round of enlargement, the reorientation of NATO enlargement towards the Middle East and North African regions recognizes future threats. These regions may never receive the full security umbrella of NATO.
Partnership for Peace: Discerning Fact from Fictio... Cover Image
Added August 01, 1994
Partnership for Peace: Discerning Fact from Fiction. Authored by Dr. William T. Johnsen, Dr. Thomas-Durell Young.
The authors analyze and assess Partnership for Peace (PfP) from the perspective of the political realities which govern NATO. They counter the critics of PfP with an analysis of its exact provisions. Moreover, by drawing on the Alliance's historical record regarding expansion, they argue that PfP is the best and most realistic means available to resolve the prickly issue of NATO enlargement.