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Publications Tagged: Saddam Hussein

Revisions in Need of Revising: What Went Wrong in ... Cover Image
Added December 01, 2005
Revisions in Need of Revising: What Went Wrong in the Iraq War . Authored by Dr. David C Hendrickson, Dr. Robert W Tucker.
The authors examine the contentious debate over the Iraq war and occupation, focusing on the critique that the Bush administration squandered an historic opportunity to reconstruct the Iraqi state. They argue that the most serious problems facing Iraq and its American occupiers—criminal anarchy and lawlessness, a raging insurgency and a society divided into rival and antagonistic groups—were virtually inevitable consequences that flowed from the act of war itself.
Iraq and Vietnam: Differences, Similarities, and I... Cover Image
Added May 01, 2004
Iraq and Vietnam: Differences, Similarities, and Insights. Authored by Dr. Jeffrey Record, Dr. W. Andrew Terrill.
The authors conclude that the two conflicts bear little comparison. They also conclude, however, that failed U.S. state-building in Vietnam and the impact of declining domestic political support for U.S. war aims in Vietnam are issues pertinent to current U.S. policy in Iraq.
Defeating Saddam Hussein's Strategy... Cover Image
Added January 01, 2003
Defeating Saddam Hussein's Strategy. Authored by LTC Raymond A. Millen.
Should war break out between Iraq and the United States, Saddam Hussein will likely adopt a strategy designed to undermine the prestige of the United States and turn the Arab World against the West.