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Publications Tagged: force planning

The Creeping Irrelevance of U.S. Force Planning... Cover Image
Added May 01, 1998
The Creeping Irrelevance of U.S. Force Planning. Authored by Dr. Jeffrey Record.
Jeffrey Record examines what he believes is a half-century-old and continuing recession of large-interstate warfare and, since the World War's demise, the unexpected and often violent disintegration of established states. The author's critical analysis leads him to propose significant and controversial changes in planning standards, force structure, and defense spending.
Force Planning Considerations for Army XXI... Cover Image
Added February 01, 1998
Force Planning Considerations for Army XXI. Authored by Dr. William T. Johnsen.
Promoting U.S. national interests through shaping the international security environment also will become a major role for the U.S. military. To fulfill its multiple roles, the Army's force structure and design must provide the capabilities necessary to operate across a broad spectrum of conflict in peacetime, crisis, and war.
Force Planning in an Era of Uncertainty: Two MRCs ... Cover Image
Added September 01, 1997
Force Planning in an Era of Uncertainty: Two MRCs as a Force Sizing Framework. Authored by Professor John F. Troxell.
The two MRC framework constitutes a logical scheme for organizing U.S. defense planning efforts. New approaches to planning scenarios and the operational concept for employing forces offer the potential for such adjustments concerning the "ways" of the strategic paradigm, while force thinning and modernization are two important categories for adjusting the affordability of the strategic "means."
Trends in German Defense Policy: The Defense Polic... Cover Image
Added June 01, 1994
Trends in German Defense Policy: The Defense Policy Guidelines and the Centralization of Operational Control. Authored by Dr. Thomas-Durell Young.
Like most of its NATO allies, the Federal Republic of Germany has undertaken a massive restructuring of its armed forces. The end of the Cold War, the need for unified Germany to assume responsibility for its security, and the current economic recession have made German defense planning extremely difficult.