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Publications Tagged: futures

Transformation and Strategic Surprise... Cover Image
Added April 01, 2005
Transformation and Strategic Surprise. Authored by Dr. Colin S. Gray.
The U.S. Armed forces may be attempting to effect the wrong transformation. What the country needs is military power that is not only superior at warfare, but also can win wars and the peace that follows--and those are strategic and political competencies.
Preparing for Asymmetry: As Seen Through the Lens ... Cover Image
Added September 01, 2001
Preparing for Asymmetry: As Seen Through the Lens of Joint Vision 2020. Authored by Ms. Melissa Applegate.
Since the mid-1990s, the concept of strategic asymmetry has begun to receive serious attention from the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). The 1997 Quadrennial Defense Review, for instance, stated, "U.S. dominance in the conventional military arena may encourage adversaries to use . . . asymmetric means to attack our forces and interests overseas and Americans at home." But while American strategists and defense leaders sense the importance of strategy asymmetry, much analytical work remains to be done before it is fully understood. The author assesses the revisions to Joint Vision 2020, DOD's roadmap to the future, that must be undertaken in order to prepare for asymmetric challenges.
Strategic Horizons: The Military Implications of A... Cover Image
Added March 01, 1997
Strategic Horizons: The Military Implications of Alternative Futures. Authored by Dr. Steven Metz.
A year ago the Chief of Staff of the Army initiated the Army After Next Project (AANP) as a means of stimulating constructive thinking about the Army's future throughout the service. AANP has quickly developed into a primary vehicle for long-range planning.
Alternative World Scenarios for a New Order of Nat... Cover Image
Added January 01, 1993
Alternative World Scenarios for a New Order of Nations. Authored by Dr. Charles W. Taylor.
The author provides a set of plausible scenarios against which users can build policies and decisions while anticipating and judging their consequences before implementation.