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Publications Tagged: information technology

The Information Revolution and National Security... Cover Image
Added August 01, 2000
The Information Revolution and National Security. Edited by Mr. Thomas E. Copeland.
No nation has made more effective use of the information revolution than the United States, but none is more dependent on information technology. To protect American security, then, military leaders and defense policymakers must understand the information revolution.
America's Army: Preparing for Tomorrow's Security ... Cover Image
Added December 01, 1998
America's Army: Preparing for Tomorrow's Security Challenges. Authored by Major General Robert H. Scales.
During the early decades of the 21st Century, the Army of 2025 will differ from today's Army in two distinct ways. First, it will achieve unprecedented strategic and operational speed by exploiting information technologies to create a knowledge-based organization. Second, it will exhibit tremendous flexibility and physical agility through streamlined, seamlessly integrated organizations that use new tactics and procedures.
War in the Information Age... Cover Image
Added June 01, 1994
War in the Information Age. Authored by Colonel James M. Dubik, General Gordon R. Sullivan.
The authors discuss the ways in which the Army has changed its strategic systems over the past several years so that the Army operational and tactical forces will be able to "see" a situation, decide, adapt, and act faster and more precisely than their opponent. These changes will give strategic planners, and operational and tactical commanders, a new set of information age tools to use in theater