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Publications Tagged: post-cold war

Multinational Land Formations and NATO: Reforming ... Cover Image
Added December 01, 1997
Multinational Land Formations and NATO: Reforming Practices and Structures. Authored by Dr. Thomas-Durell Young.
Reduced national force structures, new NATO roles and missions emanating from the military implementation of Alliance Strategy and the rapid reaction requirements associated with the embryonic Combined Joint Task Forces (CJTF) Concept are but three of a multitude of inter-related issues.
Ready For What and Modernized Against Whom?: A Str... Cover Image
Added April 01, 1995
Ready For What and Modernized Against Whom?: A Strategic Perspective on Readiness and Modernization. Authored by Dr. Jeffrey Record.
The U.S. military continues to prepare for large-scale inter-state warfare even though intra-state conflict is the primary source of violence in the post-Soviet era. Conventional "Cold War" force structures are of limited utility against irregular adversaries operating on their own territory. Accordingly, selected conventional force modernization programs should be reexamined and new force structures considered.
The Nature of the Post-Cold War World... Cover Image
Added March 01, 1993
The Nature of the Post-Cold War World. Authored by Mr. Charles William Maynes, Mr. William G. Hyland.
The editors of the nation's two leading journals on foreign policy were asked to examine the nature of the post-cold war world and America's transitional role. Charles Maynes believes power will become more evenly distributed as America's military dominance recedes and others' economic power increases. William Hyland advises against grand strategic visions.