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Publications Tagged: revolution in military affairs

Army Transformation: A View from the U.S. Army War... Cover Image
Added July 01, 2001
Army Transformation: A View from the U.S. Army War College. Edited by Dr. Williamson Murray.
The famous British general, the Duke of Wellington, wrote that, "The country must have a large and efficient army, one capable of meeting the enemy abroad, or they must expect to meet him at home." Our security interests and the need for landpower to secure them span the globe. Dr. Williamson Murray's introduction sets the historical context for military transformation.
The Age of Revolutions... Cover Image
Added March 01, 1998
The Age of Revolutions. Authored by Lieutenant General Claudia Kennedy.
The Army operates within a global strategic environment. The parameters of warfare now and into the 21st century are much more complex. Today there is a great deal of talk about focusing on high end threats and relying on one dimension of military power, air power, to halt set-piece attacks by any would-be aggressor.
Land Warfare in the 21st Century... Cover Image
Added February 01, 1993
Land Warfare in the 21st Century. Authored by Colonel James M. Dubik, General Gordon R. Sullivan.
Change will inevitably coexist with at least three constants--the root causes of war, the nature of war, and the essence of fighting power.