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SSI Live 081 – Addressing Hypercompetition in the Indo-Pacific Theater

Released 24 July 2020.

Given the multifaceted great power competition underway in the Indo-Pacific theater, how can the United States military best position itself? What role can and should the Army play in facilitating a joint approach? After a two-year hiatus, SSI Live returns as Dr. John R. Deni discusses a major newly released SSI study on USINDOPACOM theater design with two of its authors – Professor Nate Freier and Professor John Schaus. Their study was also the subject of an essay at Defense One.

SSI Live 080 – Is a Reset with Russia in the Offing?

Released 31 July 2018.

The Helsinki summit meeting between Presidents Trump and Putin may be the first step in a rapprochement between the United States and Russia. If so, what are the strategic and policy implications in Europe, with specific regard to the security of U.S. allies in Eastern Europe, with regard to the conflict in Syria, vis-à-vis U.S. partners in the Middle East, or in other regards? SSI Live host Dr. John R. Deni invited his SSI colleagues Prof. Nate Freier and Dr. Chris Bolan to think about and discuss the potential implications of a reset with Russia.

SSI Live 079 – Avoiding the Trap in U.S.-China Relations

Released 7 June 2018.

Getting the Indo-Asia-Pacific and relations with China right is the key to a peaceful and prosperous 21st Century. The challenge for the U.S. administration, and for policy experts writ large, is to build an effective strategy for a whole-of-government approach that will achieve a free and open Indo-Asia-Pacific while avoiding the Thucydides Trap. U.S. Army War College professors Fred Gellert, David Lai, and Jef Troxell joined host John R. Deni to discuss their new book on this subject, which provides analysis and policy recommendations on topics regarding the instruments of national power, regional affairs, and key Asia-Pacific countries.

SSI Live 078 – The New National Defense Strategy

Released 26 January 2018.

Earlier this month, the Trump administration released its first National Defense Strategy (NDS). What’s new about this strategy and what does it tell us about the direction of U.S. defense strategy and policy? What does the new NDS get right, and where does it fall short? SSI Live host John R. Deni sat down with SSI colleagues Chris Bolan and Nate Freier to discuss these questions and more.

SSI Live 077 – Multi-Domain Battle and the Pacific Theater

Released 8 January 2018.

In gross or raw potential, the United States remains the world’s leading global military power. At present though, American power is either dormant in or ill-adapted to many if not most of the world’s most important competitive spaces. American military position and influence are most immediately under duress in the U.S. Pacific Command (PACOM) Area of Responsibility. In PACOM, enduring U.S. defense objectives and the nation’s most active, complex, and dangerous multi-domain security challenges converge. To discuss these issues and more, SSI host Dr. John R. Deni sat down with the SSI’s Prof. Nate Freier.

SSI Live 076 – Decertification of the Iranian Nuclear Deal

Released 17 October 2017.

On 13 October, President Trump announced his intention not to certify Iran’s compliance with the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) and threatening to leave the nuclear deal altogether if it was not amended in various ways. Why did the President announce this? Meanwhile, there are reports that some of his senior advisors opposed this move — what were their counterarguments? More broadly, what is the outlook with regard to Iran’s nuclear program? To discuss these issues and more, SSI host Dr. John R. Deni sat down with the SSI’s Middle East expert, Dr. Chris Bolan.

SSI Live 075 – Rotational Deployments vs. Forward Stationing

Released 15 September 2017.

Continuing security challenges in Eastern Europe, as well as saber-rattling on the Korean Peninsula, have raised questions once again about the capabilities, posture, and positioning of U.S. overseas forces. In this podcast, SSI Live host Dr. John R. Deni examines the reasons why the Army has become an increasing U.S.-based force, assesses the shift toward rotational peacetime deployments over the last several years, and offers a series of practical recommendations for returning balance to the Army’s posture. This podcast is based on Dr. Deni’s study on forward presence.

SSI Live 074 – The Trump Administration’s New Afghanistan Strategy

Released 25 August 2017.

On 21 August, President Trump announced a new strategy toward the conflict in Afghanistan, America’s longest war. What’s new about the strategy? Does a renewed focus on Pakistan, and the role it plays in Afghanistan, have any chance of succeeding? And how will the new approach toward the war affect broader U.S. objectives with regard to Afghanistan? The SSI’s Dr. Chris Mason, author of The Strategic Lessons Unlearned from Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan, discusses these and related questions with SSI Live host Dr. John R. Deni.

SSI Live 073 – At Our Own Peril: DoD & Risk Assessment

Released 11 July 2017.

How does DoD go about defining, identifying, and mitigating risk? Are DoD risk assessment practices and procedures effective and useful to the Department and other stakeholders? SSI Research Professor Nate Freier joined Dr. John R. Deni to discuss the release of a major U.S. Army War College study on DoD risk assessment. Prof. Freier led an interdisciplinary team of faculty and student researchers in researching and writing At Our Own Peril: DoD Risk Assessment in a Post-Primacy World.